Yoga Asanas To Build On Your Orgasm

Orgasms can give your brains a better workout than doing a crossword puzzle or a Sudoku. In order to intensify an orgasm and  increase multiples there are certain exercise that can improve your sex life.

Yoga Asanas ORGASM

Below are asanas to build excitement  between-the-sheets game. Your partner won’t even know what hit them. Note, the more positions you can get into, the more varied your sex life.

PC or pubococcygeus muscles are basically your “orgasm muscle” surrounding your vagina and doctors have confirmed that the stronger your PC muscles the easier an orgasm.

    Hanumanasana (monkey pose)
  1. Begin by kneeling upright with your knees hip-distance apart. Rotate your thighs inward and press your shins and the tops of your feet into the floor. Do not squeeze your buttocks.
    Extend your right leg in front of you with your heel on the floor. Lean your torso forward and press your fingertips firmly on the floor. You can also press your hands onto yoga blocks, placed alongside each hip.
  2. Straighten your right leg, but do not lock or hyperextend your knee. Slowly begin to press your right heel forward, away from your torso. Keep rotating your right thigh inward, so your kneecap points upward, toward the ceiling. At the same time, slide your left knee back. Press the top of your left foot into the floor, or tuck your left toes for more stability.Keep your hips squared to the front of your mat and parallel to each other. Check to ensure your left leg is reaching directly behind you and is not splayed out to the side. The center of your left kneecap should be pressing on the floor.
  3. Flex your right foot, reaching your toes toward the ceiling.
  4. If you are comfortable and stable here, then bring your torso upright. Place your hands at your chest in prayer position (Anjali mudra), or reach your arms straight up to the ceiling. Gaze softly at the horizon.
  5. Hold for up to one minute. To release, press your hands firmly into the floor. Let your right leg drop open slightly as you gently draw your right heel and back leg toward your torso. Return to your starting position. Repeat the pose with the left leg in front for the same amount of time.

    Utkata Konasana (goddess pose)

  1. Yoga Asanas to Build on your OrgasmStart in Mountain Pose at the front of your mat. Step your right foot a stride length towards the back of your mat. Turn your toes out and your heels in, so your feet land on a 45 degree angle.
  2. Bend your knees deeply out the sides and sink your hips down to the height of your knees.
  3. Bring your arms out at shoulder height and bend your elbows so that your fingertips point skyward. Spread your fingertips wide apart from one another and activate the muscles across your back to hold your arms here.
  4. Engage your core muscles and draw your tailbone in the direction of the floor. Do not hunch forward with your shoulders; keep your spine long and your muscles engaged.
    Stay here for 30 seconds to one minute, then step forward to Mountain Pose.

    Setu Bandhasana (Bridge pose)

  1. Lie on the back. Bend the knees, bringing the soles of the feet parallel on the mat close to the buttocks. Lift the hips up towards the ceiling. Interlace the fingers behind your back and straighten the arms, pressing them down into the mat.
  2. Roll one shoulder under and then the other. Lift the hips higher. Draw the chest toward the chin, but do not move the chin toward the chest. Make sure the feet stay parallel.
  3. Release the hands and bring the upper, middle, and then lower back down. Rest, allowing the knees to knock together.
  4. Beginners: For a restorative variation, bring a block under the sacrum. Let your weight rest on the block. When coming down, keep the hands interlaced under the weight of the body for a shoulder opener.

 Malasana (garland pose)

  1.  Come to stand with the feet about mat’s width apart.
  2.  Bend the knees, coming into a squat.
  3.  Keep the feet as close to parallel as possible.
  4.  Take the upper arms inside your knees and bend the elbows. Bring the palms together into anjali mudra (prayer position).
  5. Try to bring the hands to your heart center with the forearms parallel to the floor to open the knees slightly.
  6.  Keep the spine straight and shoulders relaxed.
  7. Stay here for five breaths, then straighten the legs to come out.

    Ushtrasana (Camel Pose)

  1. Yoga Asanas to Build on your OrgasmPress the top of your feet to the floor and avoid your feet cycling inward
  2. Set your feet and shins parallel to each other. If your knees slide out you will jam your sacrum
  3. Slide the buttock muscles down away from your low back. This can be done manually as you go back into the pose
  4. When entering, it is initially important to go upward. Imagine that you are like a high-jumper going over a bar. Don’t hit the bar with your trunk by going straight back
  5. Press your thighs forward, away from your feet
  6. Externally rotate your arms and draw your collarbones away from one another
  7. Lift your sternum and side chest as much as possible, creating the characteristic dome shape of the chest
  8. If you perform with the strap, the stretch in the central quad is more profound, as forces in the legs cannot pull the legs apart.

Additional Exercises:

  • The Pump: While sitting on your heels, with one hand off to the side, inhale up and exhale back down into a modified, seated side bridge. This engages many muscles at once, including your obliques, biceps and triceps, shoulders and back, and butt and quads.
  • The Cat Pounce: Start by lying face down, engage your quads and obliques, then push your butt in the air using your arms only.
  • Add in some arm work (bicep curls, tricep dips) for those times when you have to help hold up your own weight — you never know when you’ll be getting it on in a bathroom stall or elevator!”

 Do these yoga asanas daily or at least 4 times a week for better sex.


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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