Women’s Day Special: How Mama-preneur Lauren Ohayon Changed Her Fortunes!

Not being mindful of how we’re sitting, and not engaging our core, can lead to things like compressed discs in our spine.

Lauren Ohayon

Lauren Ohayon is a very successful”mama-preneur” who runs the popular Online Program: Restore Your Core. When she began her Online business 4 years ago, she had virtually no Online following and grew it very quickly and organically with no paid content or ads. Until that moment, Lauren had been teaching in New York City where she had a small but devoted following of clients who were drawn to her safe, alignment-based approach to yoga. Lauren craved a more nomadic life with her husband and 3 kids and so she decided to go on a whim and bring her business online.

4 years later, she is living her dream: she has expanded her business manifold, offers multiple programs, travels the world to teach students and train professionals and her husband quit his bank job to work with her and manage the technology and business aspect.

Women Fitness is #CelebratingWomen this International Women’s Day, with a new story of an inspirational woman going out every day. Lets check out the next one about the Mama-preneur, Lauren Ohayon, who has organically touched and changed the lives of thousands of women.

Women Fitness:

You are an internationally recognized Yoga and Pilates teacher specializing in core and pelvic floor issues. When did you decide to take your knowledge and make it more readily available online?

Lauren Ohayon:

In 2015, when I launched Restore Your Core Online.

Women Fitness:

Why is it so important to have a strong and firm core to live a healthy and fit life?

Lauren Ohayon:

We need our core for all of our daily activities that require movement; from picking things up off of the floor to pushing a stroller to walking our dogs. It is not just a set of muscles, our core is more of a system that activates when needed to enable our bodies to have integrity. Having tight, toned abs that do not do their job and you always find yourself in pain is way less preferable than having a functional core that can support you for all of your activities.

Women Fitness:

How have you been able to help women across the world through your teaching?

Lauren Ohayon:

A lot of women are told by their doctors that their core and pelvic floor issues are part of what happens when a woman has a baby. They are told there is no “cure” and often are told “just do your kegels and hope for the best.” Many women are not satisfied with that reply and they turn to the internet and to Facebook to seek answers. A simple google search usually leads women to my website where I debunk many myths, offer practical solutions, and teach them about the way their bodies work and how to optimize their system. Many women live in areas where this type of information is not readily available. I have a lot of clients in countries where women’s health is not a huge priority and they find me on Facebook and are able to access information that they otherwise would have no access to.

Women Fitness:

Share with us your top 5 reasons why one should join ‘The Restore Your Core Program’.

Lauren Ohayon:

  1. It is ideal to learn to exercise smarter and not harder – whether one has a pre-existing issue or not. Better not to wait to get injured to begin to have a functional core.
  2. Restore Your Core has helped thousands of women heal their core and pelvic floor without surgery.
  3. Women gain concrete tools and confidence to graduate beyond Restore Your Core and restart their favorite activities like running, cycling and horseback riding.
  4. Women boost their confidence when they have the tools to heal their body, rather than buying into a mindset that they are forever broken.
  5. Because the Restore Your Core Community Facebook group is a thriving, supportive, body positive community of women all facing the same issues and helping each other feel better and move better.

Women Fitness:

This International Women’s Day, what advice would you like to give to the women out there?

Lauren Ohayon:

There is no such thing as broken. If you are injured, in pain, feeling let down about your body, it is OK to feel that way but you are never broken. There are tried and true tools to reconnect, re-pattern, retrain your body to be able to move more effectively and efficiently. It might not be a quick fix and it might take time and dedication, but it can happen.

Knowledge is power and finding the right guide is the key to navigating pain and dysfunction.

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