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Victoria’s Secret Models Unveil Their Beauty Secrets Prior To 2016 VS Paris Fashion Show

Women Fitness catches up with three of the most beautiful and sexy Victoria’s Secret Models in a candid chat over beauty and fitness!

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The models have pulled up their wings to walk down the Victoria’s Secret Runway, are you ready? Here these current and former VS models and angels talk about their beauty & fitness hacks.

Irina Shayk

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Ms. Namita Nayyar:

What exercises comprise your fitness regime or workout routine you may wish to share?

Ms. Irina Shayk:

I love to work out with my trainer he advised me not to use any weights, so I use only body weight. I love to do Pilates! My teacher Andrea is the best in the world! I do Pilates machines work out. I think that movement is life, and if you don’t have the possibility to go to the gym, you can just walk around the city.

Of course you have to be careful with fast food and cakes but I would say if you can’t go without this food you’d better eat it before 6pm and try to burn it during the day! I never eat and go to bed straight after.

I am not a model who eats one yogurt a day and doesn’t eat on set! I am a regular women who enjoys cakes but I remember I have to pay for it in a gym.

irina shayk

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You have glowing skin and gorgeous hair. Do you take some kind of skin treatment to keep it young and glowing and secondly what you do to your hair to make them look so stunning?

Ms. Irina Shayk:

Since I travel so much I try to clean and refresh my skin at list 2 or 3 times a day ! I moisturize it with my favorite cream from Avon ! Once a week I make a coconut oil mask and I always to drink a lot of water and green tea. When I am in NY once a week I go to Russian banya (steam room), it works great for my skin. I don’t do facials – my skin doesn’t need it.

With my hair I am using masks (my favorite one is coconut oil mask) and I try to avoid hair dryer when I can.

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