Venezuelan Top Model & Interior Designer Sarah Duque Lovisoni Talks Fitness!

Sarah Duque Lovisoni
Photographer: David Walden PR Agency: SGG Public Relations

Venezuelan top-model Sarah Duque Lovisoni is an impressive combination of beauty and culture. Celebrated as a successful model, the elegant Venezuelan has also created an interior design company, SDL Design, in the United States which collaborates with numerous Italian luxury brands.

Born in Venezuela, Sarah began her modeling career in Milano as the face of some of the most prestigious companies in the world: Pantene, Pirelli, La Perla, Vogue, Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Ferretti, and others.

In 2014, Sarah was awarded the cover of Playboy Italy. That same year she completed her degree in Contemporary Art Marketing at Naba University, Milan.

Soon thereafter, Sarah came to Los Angeles where she’s represented by AC Talent, one of the most prestigious agencies in the city. Today you can see her alongside Julia Roberts in the international campaign of Lancome Cosmetics, Paris for the ‘La Vie Est Belle’ fragrance.

Additionally, Sarah is applying her interior designer talents in developing a new residential project in Malibu, California. Remarkable talents in a remarkable beauty.

Lets meet the stunning top-model Sarah Duque Lovisoni, who walks us through her incredible professional journey in an exclusive interview with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

Sarah Duque Lovisoni
Photographer: David Walden PR Agency: SGG Public Relations
Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You were born in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela, but then moved to Milan, where your modeling career began. You have been the face of some of the most prestigious companies in the world and now have your very own interior design company, SDL Design. Walk us through your incredible journey and tell us how it all began?

Ms. Sarah Duque Lovisoni:

Everything started at the age of 16 when I understood that my life was destined for more outside of my country.

Since I was a teenager I wanted to travel and to assimilate to other countries. It was my wish to understand my Italian grandfather’s heritage, so I decided to move to Italy and try luck as a model in Milan.

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