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There is the sense of ‘awe’ and ‘wow’ whenever we see them live or in their pictures. They are the top female celebrities in the world of entertainment, movies, cinema, modelling and music. In the course of time they gave interviews to online websites, newspapers and magazines, where they revealed their diet and fitness routines. Women Fitness brings to you a collection of such fitness quotes from them to quench our views informational thirst.



Cardio is the key. I have a personal trainer who travels with me if we have a big event coming up. I work out every day but I need a trainer to motivate me.

Kim Kardashian:

I eat oats, eggs, turkey or fruit to start the day.

Scarlett Johansson:

You have to eat a really clean diet, a lot of kale and salmon. Basically you get all your nutrients and then you train like crazy.

Kristen Stewart:

Now I’m only allowed to eat stuff out of a box. It works. Also I feel more energised and stronger.

Katy Perry:

A strict rope jumping routine and a meal plan, On Sundays I get to have a cheat day where I go buck wild and eat In-N-Out Burger.

Cheryl Cole:

I work out and try to make healthy choices. I try to avoid diets like the plague. That can get you into a vicious circle. I did when I was younger.

Jennifer Lopez:

I am a devotee of the Dukan diet and the Tracy Anderson dance fitness method.

Jessica Alba:

When I eat breakfast, I’ll have an egg-white omelette and fruit, or cottage cheese and a peach, for lunch, I’ll have a salad. Dinner is usually vegetables and chicken or fish. During the day I’ll have some dried fruit, or I’ll have a chocolate or strawberry frozen yogurt. I don’t really eat desserts or bread


I lost most of my weight from breast feeding and I encourage women to do it; it’s just so good for the baby and good for yourself.

Blake Lively:

I eat quinoa that week, and then I feel good. I don’t do any exercise.

Charlize Theron:

I work out like everyone else, I mix up hiking, spinning, Yoga – the variety helps me stay active.

Bar Rafaeli:

My main workout is TRX (working with your own body weight).

Anne Hathaway:

When I’m working, I’m incredibly disciplined, because when you’re portraying someone else, your body isn’t your own.

Cameron Diaz:

I’m very thoughtful about what I eat. If you’re gonna do heavy lifting, and you want to stay small, you have to watch what you eat. You have to give your body the right nutrients and really think about what’s best for it.


Jessica Biel:

I practise Yoga on a regular basis and do more one legged squats.

Jennifer Aniston:

I work out almost every day, at least five or six days a week, I do 40 minutes of cardio: spinning, running, the elliptical, or a combination of all three. Then I do Pilates one day a week, and I do Yoga in addition to that, three days a week.

Halle Berry:

I don’t eat fried foods or refined sugar — only natural sugar in fruit and vegetables. And I don’t eat carbs a lot.

Kelly Brook:

I love cranking the music up and hula-hooping for about ten minutes,follows a macrobiotic diet.

Miranda Kerr:

A regular Yoga routine I practice and I love spinach, avocado, lots of greens and broccoli.

Candice Swanepoel:

I love a good breakfast. I love croissants, eggs and bacon. I eat a lot of vegetables; I like omelettes and raisins too. I love waking up; I box; I do a lot of resistance… Three or four times a week.


Myleene Klass:

I lost weight by eating sensibly and sitting down for proper meals at home, I don’t do faddy diets.


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