Top 5 Sports Celebrity Diets To A Healthy Physique..

There’s no magical recipe or plan that everyone can follow, but the key is to have a proper balance in the amount of protein, fat and carbs. A must is remaining hydrated and that doesn’t just mean drinking water but also adding electrolytes when you sweat a lot or during hot days, are the words shared by none other than, Josee Belanger, Olympic Bronze Medalist & Canadian Soccer Player to Namita Nayyar, President, Women Fitness.

Sports Celebrity Diets
Christmas Abbott

This week WF team shares, what sportswomen eat to maintain a healthy physique,

1. Wholesome, unprocessed foods.

4-Times Olympic winner and first woman in history to perform a quad twisting triple somersault called the Full-Double Full-Full, Lydia Lassila speaks on diet saying “I don’t believe in diets. I believe in eating smart and by experimenting with different foods over the years I know what foods my body needs for optimal performance and recovery which is quite simply a variety wholesome, unprocessed foods.” Similar view is shared by none other than Kelly Holmes, Olympic Games winner in 2004 Athens in 800 m and 1500 m “I believe in balance. I increase my protein intake when I have been training hard.” One look at Christmas Abbott’s chiseled body—arms could put The Rock in a sleeper hold, bona-fide six-pack abs—and you’d have every right to believe she’s a comic book superhero incarnate. If you know a bit about the five-foot-three phenom, she loves to eat, fresh, local foods! “I like to go to the local farmers market to get my veggies, fruit, eggs, and even meat. They have the most nutrient-rich, in-season options out there! These are a spinoff of my mother’s stuffed peppers.”

2. Clean Eating.

A popular upcoming trend based on eating whole foods, or “real” foods — those that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible. However, modern food production has become so sophisticated that simply eating whole foods can be a challenging proposition these days. Hyleas Fountain, world leading heptathlete and winner of Olympic silver medal speaks about clean eating in conversation with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness. She adds “To remain healthy I like to think about clean eating. No preservatives. When eating I think fresh and what is going to be the fuel to make my body perform at its best.” “I just eat clean when I race.” adds Rebecca Soni, who has won a total of twenty-two medals in major international competition, fourteen gold, seven silver, and one bronze spanning the Olympics, the World, the Universiade, and the Pan Pacific Championships.

Sports Celebrity Diets
Ana Ivanovic

3. Low Gluten Diet.

A very popular diet amongst top celebrities  like, amazing Javelin Thrower, Liz Gleadle and many other seem to be lactose intolerant and prefer to eat less gluten and tend to have protein with every meal or snack. Ana Ivanovic, who isregarded as the most beautiful women tennis player in the world states”My diet is Gluten-free, but it’s not always possible, especially when travelling to places like Asia and South America; it’s easier to find Gluten-free products in the States and England.”

4. Sweet Tooth is OK in Moderation.

Javelin Thrower, Liz Gleadle admits, “I avoid sugar as much as I can, because I find my energy levels are more constant during the day – I skip the 3pm crash that I used to have. If you decide to cut out refined sugars from your diet, the first 2-3 days are tough to resist cravings, but I found you quickly realize how great your body can feel, and it’s worth it!” She is not the only one with a sweet tooth, Alise Post, Five Times USA Cycling BMX National Champion, also goes on to add “I am a human and have sweet cravings too. Everything in moderation is okay by me!”. Talking of sweets, Professional Climber Anna Stöhr loves chocolate and gummy bears!

Sports Celebrity Diets

5. The Zone Diet.

Lara Gut, Swiss Alpine Ski Racer Olympic Bronze Medalist reveals on her nutrition. She follows the zone diet and adds” I really feel the difference. It’s not about controlling the amount of everything I eat or to measure it, count calories. It’s about taking care of myself and my body; if I eat vegetables, proteins and good carbohydrate my body becomes healthy energy, I will feel fitter and my performances will improve. I eat chocolate, but very rarely a cake or ice-cream.”

Try to eat healthy, natural, foods with whole ingredients.

You can read more about these female role models and their lifestyle in our section,


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