Top 5 Post Workout Hair Management Tips

Workout & Sweat are closely mingled. The sweat seeps into your skin and hair, completely leaving you soaked to the core. A shower and shampoo is the idle post-workout clean up option, but you need to take significant action to prevent dry and damaged hair.

Catch up with some essential steps to manage hair when exposed to sweating.

  • Opt for Different Hair Ties: Most of us just grab the first ponytail holder we can find, But there are so many hair ties & head bands available now that are made specifically for working out that are gentler than your average elastic. There are different brands of headbands in moisture-wicking fabrics so your roots don’t get so oily. Headbands keep hair from hanging in your face during your workout and soak up sweat, keeping it out of your hair.


  • Rotate Your Hairstyle: Do not tie your hair up in the same place every day, for this causes breakage over time. Alternate how you wear your hair for workout—a low ponytail, a fishtail braid, a high ponytail, a knot at the middle of the back of your head. Be conscious about putting your hair up. In case you are in the habit to twist your hair to the right each time you work out, twist it the left on occasion.


  • Avoid wetting your hair with H2O after workout:  If you soak your hair after workout note that you are spreading the salty sweat to your ends, at the same time water dries out your hair and oxidizeshair dye. Also, conditioner is meant to go on clean hair. If it goes on dirty hair, you’re going to get a buildup of the protein bonds found in conditioner, which can eventually cause the hair to dry out and start breaking. In case you’re want to get your hair wet, you might as well reach for the shampoo. Do not give your hair a full shampoo every time for it will only add to drying out your hair. Also, using a sulfate-free shampoo helps prevent a lot of that dehydration because it contains much gentler cleansing agents. So when you shampoo, you are cleansing, not parching.


  • Opt for Leave-in Conditioner: Boost the moisture levels of your hair by using a leave-in conditioner or a little bit of coconut oil to help set your hair. We all love outdoor workouts but the, odds are that you’re exposing your hair to various stress factors, like damaging UV rays from the sun. This can dry out your hair, fade or distort your color, and make your ends brittle and prone to breakage. Its better to lightly coat your hair with a leave-in conditioner to both lock in moisture and shield it from the elements before you head outside.


  • Brush your hair post workout. Your hair can get nourishment from its own natural oils, but those oils can reach the middle of your only if you brush it, so if you worked out and won’t be washing your hair that night or that morning, make sure to brush you hair with a bristle brush.


Add these tips to prevent serious damage to your hair.


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