Top 5 Online Fitness Tools To Help Kick Start Your Fitness Regime in 2017

online fitness tools

The New Year is not only a time for celebration but also when people embark on journeys to better themselves through New Year’s resolutions. To varying degrees of success, improving fitness is one resolution that is embarked upon year after year. While getting fit requires hard work and dedication, it is one of the most rewarding journeys you can embark on. As well as shedding pounds and improving your health, you will feel noticeably happier. To help you with your quest to improved fitness here are 5 of the best online fitness tools.

Sleep Cycle

If you want to maximise your workouts then you’ll need to ensure that you are getting enough sleep. Not only is it hard to drag yourself to the gym after a bad night’s sleep, but also it’s during sleep that your muscles recover. That where the excellent Sleep Cycle app comes in. By measuring your movement in bed, Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep patters and wakes you during light sleep, enabling you to arise fresh and hit the gym early.

Charity Miles

While you’re getting fit, why not get the added motivation of racing money for charity to spur you on. Charity Miles is a great app that allows users to raise money for a variety of charities by running, walking or cycling. The more you exercise, the more money corporate sponsors will donate to your chosen charity. The added incentive of helping others is a fantastic way to keep fit.

Ladbroke’s Online Roulette Wheel

Keep your workout varied with Ladbroke’s Online Roulette Wheel, a brilliant online tool to ensure you never tire of your workout regime. The roulette wheel works by randomly selecting an exercise that is then performed by the user. Providing your workout with variety not only tests your body in many ways but also keeps you entertained, and therefore more likely to continue with your regime.

online fitness tools

Nike+ Running

One of the most popular apps on the market, Nike+ Running is the ideal app for everyone right through from beginners to marathon runners. The app tracks and stores data from your runs, so you can look back on not just where you ran and how fast, but also you specific speeds at certain parts of the run. You can even set motivational songs to play when the app senses you are slowing. For added motivation you can embrace the competitive streak in you and challenge friends.


Everybody has different goals and perceptions of fitness and FreeTrainers recognise this, that’s why they create customised workouts tailored to each users needs. Whether you’re hoping to build muscle, lose weight or improve cardiovascular performance, FreeTrainers will provide the right workout plan for you. There’s also a great online community where you can chat with like-minded people for extra motivation.

With the list of reasons to improve your fitness almost endless why not try out some of the above fitness tools to help you.


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