Top 10 To Handle Unavoidable Food Temptations

Food Temptations

What do you do when you are constantly being tempted to eat more by the people around you, or the situation you’re in?

Relax. We bring you Top 10 stay-in-control strategies for most difficult situations in which temptation might call. Be prepared! By having a plan. You can always make smart eating choices in every situation that life throws at you.

1. Your best friend or soulmate wants to go out for ice cream
Choose a 3-ounce kiddie cone. At that size, most of the 30 ice-cream flavors hover around 220 calories. Better yet, go with frozen yogurt or sorbet, which range from 100 to 160 calories — and little or no fat.

2. It’s birthday-cake time
Passing on your loved one or colleague’s cake looks as refusing to sing ‘Happy Birthday,’ but it’s hard to celebrate the 300 calories. The socially acceptable way out is to ask for a thin slice, and then eat a small number of bites you’ve decided on beforehand, if you’ve eaten right all day, without ‘saving room’ for cake. Another calorie-saving trick: leave the icing on your plate and just eat the cake. And while most office parties involve soda, skip it and bring a full coffee mug.

3. You have only a few minutes to grab a meal
Don’t assume a fast-food drive-thru is an automatic no-no. At McDonald’s you can get away with a salad, even one with meat, as long as you ‘avoid anything with the word ‘crispy. Always choose a no-fat dressing at food joints-if available. Also remember: no burgers bearing mayo-heavy sauces; skip the french fries; and low-fat milk, have water rather than soda.

4. You have a date at a restaurant
At a casual meal,  paring back the calories by skipping sauces or having them on the side is a good way to turn a fat fest into a square meal. But a meal in a top-flight restaurant is all about the sauces and special preparations made by a chef.  Pick appetizers as your entrée and share them; after all, it’s more romantic to make the meal a shared exploration of flavors. Also sample the creative broth-based soups or salads. And if you must have dessert, share that too, and order the one with the most fruit.

5. You’re out shopping and dying with hunger
Shopping marathons are are one of its kind: you need constant, small boosts of energy to keep going. And keeping going is key. Avoid settling in at the food court; pick up a hot pretzel and nibble on the move. Portable meals, of course, can still seriously weigh you down. But with less than a gram of saturated fat and 2 grams of fiber, it’s a good choice, particularly if you eat it in small amounts over time. You can visit for more ideas on eating joints.

6. Picnic having only is hamburgers and hot dogs on menu
Most barbecues leave dieters trapped in the great outdoors. Meat grilled over a fire does tend to be less fatty than pan-cooked, but most grillers still depend on fatty burgers and dogs to feed the masses, while the traditional sides like potato salad and slaw are filled with high-calorie mayonnaise. Pick the hot dog. A dog on a bun with a smear of ketchup will set you back about 250 calories. That’s as many as the burger has in fat alone. Load up your plate with the low-calorie burger fixin’s, like lettuce, tomato and onions, to round out your meal.

7. Boozing with co-workers
Fruit juices, soda and other mixers can ratchet up the calories in cocktails: a margarita with 1.5 ounces of tequila and store-bought margarita mix contains upward of 500 calories. But it’s alcohol itself that turns fun into fat. Not only does it contain 90 calories an ounce, it inhibits your body’s ability to process fats and lowers your resolve. So to manage smartly, when you hit the bar to raise a toast to a co-worker in Accounting’s promotion, have a lower-calorie cocktail that doubles easily for a soft drink, and then alternate between the two. For example, a gin (or vodka) and tonic has only 180 calories and no one will be the wiser when you make your second round an equally bubbly and transparent zero-calorie diet Sprite, dressed up with a twist.

8. It’s Midnight and you’re hungry
Before wandering to the fridge, start your recovery with a tall glass of water, which boosts your blood flow and, as a side benefit, makes you feel full. Ideal snacks for clearing your cobwebby head are hummus or almonds or look for any hint of protein — those orange crackers with peanut butter, at 200 calories, are better than a sugary cookie. Wash it down with a cup of coffee doused in iron-rich cinnamon.

9. You have an early Morning Plane to Catch
The best place for breakfast in an airport may be…Starbucks. A venti latte with soy milk or skim is 9 ounces of milk, a helpful shot of caffeine and just 170 calories.  Add a banana and a yogurt to get your day started for less than 400 calories and in under ten minutes.

10. Your Festival Surprise include a big box of chocolates
With christmas & new year round the corner no one brings you chocolate in hope of watching you eat. Before surrendering to the temptation of what’s in the box, look for better ways of celebrating. Meanwhile, a memo to chocolate-buying lovers: consider a 1-ounce chocolate liqueur, which boils down to about 100 calories, none of them from fat. If you limit yourself to one chocolate a day as a snack, you’ll be fine.

Be aware of what you are putting into your body, whether it’s cocktails or shrimp cocktails. While in office, try to avoid going into the break room and grabbing those cakes, cookies, and other holiday dishes and treats people leave lying around at this time of year. Be the first in your office to bring in a fruit or veggie platter or other healthy choice to share. And if you are having a chocolate craving that just won’t go away, throw a banana in the blender with some Chocolate sauce, nonfat milk, and ice, and you’ll be back on track.

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