Top 10 to Enhance Your Sex Appeal

Enhance Your Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal is simply possessing or building attractiveness in a sexual way. It’s a quality that draws you to someone, powerfully and instantly.

Employ these ten steps to enhance your sensuousness.

Exhibit Confidence: You may not be successful in life, but projecting an image to the world that you are a success will boost your sex appeal. This is because others want to associate with those who are doing well and who have got their life together. In order to project this image of success, try dressing smartly, improving your body posture and keeping up with current affairs.


Dress Well: Sex appeal is all about your physical attributes, with a pinch of glamour. Dress well and always look your best. In case you need help use a few fashion magazines or website like Women Fitness. Dressing well is one of the basic steps in knowing how to increase your sex appeal.

Build  a Great Physique: Start working out and take an initiative to look good, physically. You may have to run or do cardio for six months to lose weight, but just sitting around and having a burger and fries isn’t going to make you look any better. You know you’re always going to get second glances when you look fitter! Belly dancing, pole dancing, and cardio striptease are great ways for cardio workout plus channel to inner seductress. Best of all, these workouts will transfer over to more fluid, feminine movements in your daily life

Choose Your Makeup Carefully: 
Studies have shown that men find women with a full face of makeup more attractive than women with none at all. So if it’s a choice between all or nothing, feel free to go all out. Having said that, it seems men really like subtle enhancements the most. Another study reported men were most attracted to women who worefoundation and eye makeup, and didn’t find lipstick increased a woman’s attractiveness.



Smell Great:  Shower every morning and make sure your clothes smell fresh. Applying perfume is great, make sure you don’t drown yourself in it. Your objective should be to make sure that you smell clean without help.


Eye Contact: You may notice that most people you meet don’t have a strong eye contact. They may look into your eyes for a few seconds and look away because they can’t hold their gaze any longer. Make sure when you talk to someone of the opposite sex, especially someone you like, gaze deeply into their eyes as they talk to you. When you’re relaxed and confident, and stare into another person’s eyes when they’re talking, it may make the other person feel awkward. But it’ll also leave them feel weak in the knees.

Speak in a lower voice:  A woman who speaks in a soft voice and adds a perfect giggle now and then, almost instantly makes any guy she’s conversing with like her. Practice the art of conversation.

Mind Your Posture: Be mindful of your posture and how you carry yourself. Avoid slouching and engaging in closed off postures like crossing your arms. That body language sends the wrong signal. Attractive people appear confident; standing strait and tall yet relaxed. They also seem open and welcome to connect with others.

Put A Smile On Your Face: Happiness is the key to success, and this applies to the laws of attraction, too.  A 2011 study found happiness was considered the most attractive emotion women expressed. It makes women more approachable, making men more likely to strike up a conversation.

Think Sexy: If you want to know how to increase your sex appeal, you could use all these tips here and become a new and improved hottie overnight. But unless you truly believe you’re hot stuff, you can’t really become hot stuff.

Once you use all these tips, you really need to believe in yourself and realize that you’ve become a better person who gets a lot more attention than ever before. When you feel sexy, it shows. And it definitely attracts all the right attention!


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