Top 10 Most Viewed Articles of 2017 on Women Fitness

Viewed Articles of 2017


Following are the Top 10 most read stories of 2017 on Women Fitness. The subjects vary from strength training to personal health, pregnancy related issues and ideal nutrition. All focussed towards living a healthy and good quality life.

  1. The “Cutting Phase” In Body Building

    In order to get chiseled cut muscles, you will have some fat to get rid of, so now is the time to cut down. You need to burn off the fat so as to allow the deeper muscle cuts to show through. You don’t want to lose your hard earned muscle, but you do want to lose your fat. During the cutting phase, try to munch on tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, broccoli, peppers, baby marrows, mushrooms, spinach, lettuce and other “wet” carb sources and go easier on starchier carbs such as pasta and rice. Read more….

  2. Top 10 Truths About Flat Abs

    Viewed Articles of 2017
    Ab exercises are some of the most popular exercises for both novice and elite athletes. However to get a flat belly and defined abs it takes more than just crunches. You also need to reduce the layer of body fat covering up your well-defined abs. Even if you’ve got a fantastic workout, you still need to vary your moves every few weeks. The longer you stick with an exercise programme, the more efficient your body becomes at doing it You end up using less energy and burning fewer calories, and you won’t get optimal results. Read on…

  3. Vaginal Health and pH Level

    A slightly acidic vagina is the perfect environment for the types of good bacteria that help keep your vagina clean and healthy – and most harmful bacteria have a hard time surviving in an acidic environment. Keeping those harmful bacteria at bay is not only important for general hygiene and comfort, but also to help avoid infection and diseases. There are many factors that can affect your vaginal pH balance – but don’t worry! Learn more…

  4. Recovering After an Abortion

    Viewed Articles of 2017

    Abortion is an exceedingly common procedure that many women feel the need to undergo at some point in their lives. Women feel lonely and afraid when considering, during, and after the process of having an abortion – just when they need support the most. Women need a moral & informational support which the article served well.Learn more…

  5. Top 10 Foods To Avoid With IVF Treatment

    Women who eat two or more servings of low-fat dairy foods a day have an 85 percent higher risk of a certain type of infertility than women who eat less than one serving of low-fat dairy food a week. The women who eat the most low-fat dairy foods were the most likely to report suffering from anovulatory infertility, when the body fails to produce enough egg cells. The best kinds of food to eat are avocados, which have a lot of monounsaturated fat and low levels of other sorts of fat, and olive oil. Read on….

  6. Top 10 Workout Tips For Apple-shaped Women

    Viewed Articles of 2017

    According to a 14 year study, a comparison disclosed that normal-weight people with pear-shaped waist-to-hip ratios, those with “normal healthy” BMI and thicker middles were more than twice as likely to die of any cause and 2.75 times more likely to die of cardiovascular disease. WF experts have put together tips to help apple-shaped women gain control over their body, which visitors enjoyed reading. Learn more…

  7. Exercises For Women Over 60

    Each time your foot hits the ground you apply a stress to your bones, which respond by maintaining or sometimes increasing their strength, which can be measured in terms of increased bone mineral density (BMD). The higher the impact of the activity contact, the greater the benefit to your bones. This is why weight-bearing exercises that include running or jumping are of greater benefit to your bone health than gentler weight-bearing exercises such as walking.
    These exercises encourage mobility and preserve muscle strength and tone. Learn more..

  8. Yoga For Healing Anemia

    Viewed Articles of 2017

    Yoga can help in increasing RBC count in two ways. One is by making use of breathing exercises and the other is by doing special asanas. Breathing exercises like Ujjayi, Suryabhedana, Anuloma Viloma and Kapalbhatti increases circulation of blood and improve functioning of the entire circulatory system. According to various yoga gurus anemic patients should start their yoga session with Pranayama followed by Trikonasana. Other yoga poses for anaemia are Sarvangasana, Paschomittanasana, Uttanpadasana, Viparita-karani-mudra and various shavasanas.Watch more…

  9. Top 10 Exercises From The XBX Plan

    A slight change in diet (along with XBX) can take off, and keep off, several pounds of excess fat over a period of time. The best method is a combination of diet and exercise. A thigh that is made up of little muscle and a lot of fat may have the same measurement as one that has firm muscle and a light fat layer, but – let’s face it – it is just not the same thing. The XBX (Ten basic exercises) are designed to firm your muscles – not to convert you into a muscled woman. Check out the exercises….

  10. Top 10 Exercises To Get Fit In Water

    Viewed Articles of 2017

    If you are bored with swimming up and down lanes, or want to vary your routine, consider trying some of these pool exercises. Water exercises can be safer and more comfortable for pregnant women and for people who are overweight or suffer from arthritis, back pain or muscle or joint problems. Since your weight is partially supported and your movements slowed down, you are much less likely to injure yourself. Try the exercises here as a starter- if you enjoy them, consider joining a class. Learn more…

The list is endless but, these are the top 10 most visted pages on Women Fitness. Wel at Women Fitness are grateful to our visitors for being a integral part of our team.


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