Top 10 Inspiring Female Athletes On Women Fitness

Sports Illustrated has published a list of top 50 women athletes 2017 of which a few have been interviewed by Women Fitness, check out the Top 10 on our website.

You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great !!! – Brittney Reese

Athletes around the  world are rated after assessment on six criteria, namely strength, speed, ballistic backhand, endurance, quick-cut burst and agility: the fluid movements of a gymnast or the knife-edge balance a downhill skier.

WF team in its constant pursuit tries to bring young girls & women inspirational stories of top  fitness athletes from around the world.

  1. Lindsey Vonn / Alpine Skier

    Top 10 Inspiring Female Athletes On Women Fitness

    A women to have won World Cup races in all five disciplines of Alpine skiing (downhill, super-G, giant slalom, slalom and super combined), Vonn is celebrated for her strength and mental tenacity, especially after suffering several injuries in her career. The 5’10”, 160-pound skier has rehabbed her body and does everything from beach sprints to TRX workouts to stay in shape. In her words “A day in the life of me preparing for the Olympics is not as exciting as one might think. I have been so focused on the Olympics that I basically live at the gym. My average day consists of getting up early, going to the gym (about 4-6 hours a day), napping, eating, doing physical therapy and going to bed early.” Her inspirational word to our visitors for the new year ” Work hard, do your best every single day and never ever give up on yourself.” Read More.

  2. Misty May-Treanor / Beach Volleyball

    misty may-treanor

    After playing first volleyball tournament at age of eight years, today she is a mom of three young children & runs coach clinics Nationwide, for “it is so fun working with the next generation.” Misty May-Treanor incorporates different training techniques into her routine, including Pilates, Olympic lifts and plyometrics in addition to several hours of beach volleyball practice on the sand. Becoming a role model is not an easy task ” I believe that the hard work you put into something pays off, I spent many extra hours training because I had a goal and I didn’t want to short change myself. My parents, sponsors, coaches, and fans also were factors in my being successful but I also had great teammates.” Her words of inspiration are “Have a goal, write it down and keep it somewhere that you can see it every day. Make decisions that will allow you to reach that goal and not let you stray from it. You may have to do extra work in the gym or on the court that you won’t get credit for but it will help you stay one step ahead of the competition.” Read More.

  3. Sally Fitzgibbons / Surfer 

    Born in Gerroa, NSW Australia. Sally started surfing around six years old, but surfing wasn’t the only sport she was enthusiastic about. She represented her State and Australia on 14 occasions in a number of different sports, including athletics – winning gold at the (2007 Australian Youth Olympic Festival) 800m and 1500m – touch football, soccer, surfing and cross-country running, while attending Kiama High School. She still values running as an integral part of her daily routine and regularly start the day with a run in the dark before her morning surf. Her word of inspiration to one & all “The road to becoming a professional surfer is definitely challenging if you are trying to make it on the elite stage. There is no shortage of hard work, dedication and competitive mongrel needed. You have to be passionate about what you are doing and take the setbacks in your stride and look at them as a challenge to find a new way to succeed. Don’t take NO for an answer. Good luck and go get ’em!!” A Wonderful way to start the new year! Read More.

  4. Tori Bowie / Track & Field Athlete 

    Tori Bowie

    Bowie won in 2015 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships to earn a spot in the 2015 World Championships in Athletics – Women’s 100 meters where she earned a bronze medal. She reached the pinnacle of success at the 2015 IAAF Championship in Beijing where you stood 3rd in 100 m in 10.86 seconds. Her input as a role model is ” Be patient…and persistent. Allow yourself to make mistakes, but also be humble enough to correct those mistakes.” She further adds “We only have one body…and you should treat it like gold! Being healthy doesn’t mean the same to everyone. Do whatever makes YOU feel good and powerful!.. That’s healthy to me!” Read More.

  5. Emma Coburn/ Steeplechase 

    Top 10 Inspiring Female Athletes On Women Fitness

    4x US Steeplechase Champion, 2x NCAA Steeplechase Champion, 2015 USA Outdoor Track and Field Champion and the World Champion 2017 in steeplechase 3000 metres in a time of 9.02.59, breaking her own record, Emma is an inspiration for all. She is the first American woman to win any Olympic medal in that event. Her other achievements in the event include reaching the 2012 Olympic final (8th), and the World Championship finals in 2011 (10th) and 2015 (5th). She also won the 2014 IAAF Continental Cup. She is a 6-time (2011, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17) United States National Champion.In regards to motivation she stresses “Train hard, take care of your body, believe anything is possible!” Read More.

  6. Mary Jepkosgei Keitany/Marathon Runner 

    mary keitany

    A world recorder holder in a women-only marathon, she has won the 2017 London Marathon in a time of 2:17:01. Her half marathon personal best of 1:05:50 is a former women’s world record. She also has held the world record at 10 miles (50:05 minutes), 20 kilometres (1:02:36), and 25 kilometres (1:19:53), all of which were set in road races. ” Commitment, discipline, motivation and also to enjoy on the fatigue what you are building every day. Whatever is your goal. Having near you people that understand how important is what you are doing and supporting to achieve it. You don’t know how long your career is. Just have challenges in front of you and try to achieve it.” is all she has to say for inspiration to all. Read More.

  7. Hellen Obiri / Middle-distance Runner 

    Top 10 Inspiring Female Athletes On Women Fitness

    Interviewed by Women Fitness, she is the current 5000 metres champion after winning gold in the 2017 World Championships in London. She is also the silver medalist from the 2016 Summer Olympics over the same distance (5000 metres). She won 3000 metres distance at 2012 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Istanbul, Turkey. Obiri holds the National Record for the 5000 metres event. Coming down to inspiration , she adds “Athletics requires hard work and dedication. You have to find the event you are good at, get a good coach and training partners and work hard. There is no short cut.” Read More.

  8. Brittney Reese/Long Jump 

    Top 10 Inspiring Female Athletes On Women Fitness

    She is a five-time world champion. She is the indoor American record holder in the long jump with a distance of 7.23 meters. Reese won her third consecutive long jump world outdoor title at the 2013 World Championships in Moscow with a jump of 7.01m, beating Blessing Okagbare narrowly by 2cm. Her word of inspiration “For kids that are aspiring to have success in sports I will tell them that, there is no limit to what you can do if you put your mind to it. If you work hard and think positive the results will show up sooner that later. Never Give Up !!” Read More.

  9. Ana Ivanovic / Tennis Player 

    Top 10 Inspiring Female Athletes On Women Fitness

    Regarded as the most beautiful women tennis player in the world today, she is an enigma of women tennis. Ana Ivanovic is a Serbian tennis player ranked No. 1 in the world in 2008. As of January 13, 2014, she was no. 14 in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) rankings for singles. Motivation from her “The most important thing is that you enjoy the sport, and not take it too seriously, because really it’s about fun. Only a small number of people can play tennis professionally; I knew that when I was a kid and so I took my education very seriously, because it’s something you can always fall back on. But overall, my advice is to enjoy your tennis and to always believe in yourself. If someone thinks you have limits, you can use that as motivation to prove them wrong. You can always improve.” Read More.

  10. Ellen Hoog / Hockey Player 

    Top 10 Inspiring Female Athletes On Women Fitness

    She is considered as one of the most beautiful sportsperson in the world today. She says “I think pleasure is the key to success. Work hard and enjoy every hour on the field. When you want to distinguish yourself from your teammates you have to spend more hours on the field to practice. But never forget to enjoy the time you spent on the pitch or the gym.” She has won two Olympic gold medals, three European Championships, One World Championship and numerous other awards. Read More.

They all hold one thing in common, Patience, Commitment & hard work to achieve your goal. What a way wonderful to start off 2018!


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