Top 10 Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends 2016-17

Every season, every year brings with it something new to make an everlasting impact and something to remember.

Below are the Top 10 Autumn/Winter Trends 2016-17 that are sure to leave a fashion statement wherever you go.

1. Copper Love

Beginning with the top color this season- Copper! Copper offers the richest shade of brown, evolving from lighter copper in recent seasons. A favorite combination fuses coppertone with plum and dark chocolate.

2. Platform Boots

These super funky platform-heel boots have made their comeback from the Spice Girls Era. They are an absolute must-have for the winters of 2016.

3.  A Furry Punch

One of the newest ways to layer this season is with a fur stole. Choose one in a punchy hue for an over the edge appearance.

4.  The Choker Statement

This season is all about broad, major statement chokers that cover most of your neck and can be easily worn over high-neck sweaters.

5.  Monchrome Hues

Monochrome Dress
If you find yourself not knowing where to start when it comes to winter dressing, choose one color and stick with it. A monochromatic ensemble ensures a put together, classy look.

6.  Leathery Beauty

Leather coats
Raincoats are so boring! How about some leather trench coats? This season will see an altogether new range of patent leather trench coats.

7. Retro Capelets

For the girls who like to keep all that winter clothing at a bare minumum. You can take advantage of these trendy and chic cover ups, that look absolutely retro and super classic!

8. Puffy Coats

Who says you can’t wear a hot winter skirt or trousers with a puffy jacket or coat to beat the winter chills!

9. Figure CIinched

Accentuate your figure under all of the layers by cinching your ensemble with a belt, or by tying an oversized button-down at the waist.

10. Rockstar Bags

Guitar Straps
Bags really entered a new rock era this season with the extra wide embellished guitar straps that made it through the runways at most fashion shows.

Make sure you add these trends in your dressing style.


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