Tiffany Boydston: IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor & Fitness Expert Spills Her Fitness Secrets


Tiffany Marie Boydston (Vespo) is IFBB Pro Bikini competitor, health and wellness coach, certified life coach, crossfit Level 1 CFT, certified nutritionist and sports nutritionist. She specialize in internal and external health.

She started in 2010 when the bikini division had just begun for NPC/IFBB. She competed in two shows before becoming Pro. She went on to be placed in the top 5 in her pro career and even placed top 10 in the world at the Olympia 2013. She was invited to the Arnold classic where she was in top 8. Tiffany is also an expert CPT, CN, CSN, CLC.

Achievements of Tiffany Boydston

  • 2013 Bikini OLYMPIA 10th place
  • 2012 Bikini OLYMPIA 12th place
  • 2012 USA Bikini championships 3rd place
  • 2011 Sacramento Pro 5th place
  • 2011 Titans Pro 3rd place
  • 2011 Tijuana Pro 5th place
  • 2011 Phoenix 11th place,
  • 2011 IFBB BIKINI PRO 1st place
  • Jr Nationals Chicago 1st place
  • NPC Sacramento 2nd Place

Tiffany Boydston is talented IFBB Pro Bikini competitor and fitness expert. She is in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You were diagnosed with hypoglycemia and began to cut out highly on processed and fatty foods and soon realized that nutrition was responsible for 80 percent of your overall results. Tell us about your story how you transformed your body and found confidence with fitness?


Ms. Tiffany Boydston:

In 2008, I had a rude awakening with hypoglycemia. I will have to back it up for everyone to understand how this all began. In 2005, I had started following unhealthy ways with foods and inactivity. I came from a very athletic background growing up. My mother put me in every sport imaginable because, I wanted to do them all or maybe I had so much energy she needed to dispense somewhere. Regardless of which it was, it molded me to be health conscious since I could remember.

The only issue was I was never taught the proper way of nutrition what foods did for you to help you perform and function. As I entered into my teens, is when I started to notice dips in my energy and well being from not eating the best choices and would go hours with out even a snack to help stabilize blood sugars. After years of not being well educated in nutrition I hit a wall.

I was heavy for being so petite at 5’2 I was my heaviest at 140. I had stopped sports at 17/18 and had no idea how to work out or even where to begin. All I knew about being physically active was playing softball, soccer, Taekwondo, cheer, basketball, and even volleyball for a year. I went to a very small catholic school and played sports there as well as outside leagues.

When all of that came to an end I truly was lost. This is when in inactivity kicked in and foods were chaos. Around 19-20 is when I started to get more involved into sports again but it wasn’t the same. I would get horrible vertigo after training and practices. I felt as if the room was spinning and felt ill every time. I didn’t know I was about to spiral into what I was diagnosed with a few years later. Severe hypoglycemia. I have been able to control it with wholesome foods and meal timing. I never use the excuse of it taking over my life. If it’s something as simple as a diet to fix then what do I have to use excuses for. Health is always first! Food is medicine!!!

The one thing I was also diagnosed with at 25 was hypothyroidism. With all the foods, holistic practices and naturally trying to boost my thyroid – it never seemed to want to kick on and I caved into taking medication because it was a never ending battle with weight gain, hair loss, irregular cycles and depression. I am to this day eating all the minerals, foods and exercises to in hopes wean off my medication one day. Until then I give no excuses and fight daily for my progress! I love this lifestyle and wouldn’t change it for the world. I teach the importance of hormone balancing now with clients to ensure their optimal internal health.

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