The First Ever Selfridges Plus-size Model Mahalia Handley Talks Body Positivity!

mahalia handley
Photo Credits: Julie Healy
Women Fitness thought of catching up with the wonderful curvy model Mahalia Handley, this week. Mahalia is the first ever plus size model for Selfridges and launched the Body Studio campaign last year.

She has been featured in Vogue Italia as one of the models to watch out for! And she regularly trains with a trainer in London to stay healthy and a toned size 18.

Mahalia would one day like to advance as a Brand Ambassador & Foundation Ambassador to raise awareness with neglected issues within Society and address Healthy Body Awareness and Promote Positive Self Esteem at the general public.

Mahalia actively participates in Volunteer work with St Vincent, RSPCA, NBCF, Sex Trafficing Awareness, Troubled Youth & Community work.

Having already landed jobs for Cosmopolitan and the Kardashian clothing line, this body positivity activist Mahalia is the one to watch for in the industry.

Check out as Mahalia Handley talks about body positivity and much more in an exclusive interview with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

mahalia handley
Photo Credits: Julie Healy
Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You have become an inspiration for millions of women and young girls all around the world since you became the first ever plus size model for Selfridges and launched the Body Studio campaign last year. Walk us through your spectacular modeling journey and tell us how it all began?

Ms. Mahalia Handley:

I started in the modelling industry when I was 18 years old, I worked with a small agency of my home town, I was also told that I would never really succeed in modelling and would be lucky if I were to book a job or two in my lifetime because of my look.  The next day I booked a TVC. A year later I moved to Sydney, Australia to sign with my now Mother agency- however on my first visit into them they also told me that I didn’t have enough work in my book or a strong portfolio, so I spent the next 9 months seeking my own modelling work and involving myself into as much projects as possible, one day after a runway event I met with the owner of a well known agency in Sydney and after we had a chat about what had brought me to this point into my life he encouraged me to re-apply, which I did. I got in contact with my mother agency and would not let them rest until they knew how great I was and how much work I had been involved with since our last meeting, a week later I signed with them. I worked in Sydney modelling until I was 23 and then decided to move London to try a different market.

On my first visit over I met several agencies but fell in love with Bridge Models and the professionalism they showed and drive they also had, that I myself felt too. I thought it a perfect fit, and now I’m a full time model based in the UK. My modelling journey has started a lot later than a lot of other models and friends of mine who have been introduced into the fashion industry from youngsters of 14-16, but I wont let it stop me. I fight because I have a truth. I have a greater reason and message to promote which is why I haven’t and wont give up, My success is much bigger than me, as its not for me its for every girl out there who is battling with body image.

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