Television Diva & Serial Entrepreneur Anicia Bragg Unveils Her Fashion & Fitness Secrets!

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Today, we bring to you an exceptionally talented Entrepreneur, TV Host, Author, Interior / Fashion Designer, and Model Anicia Bragg!

Anicia Bragg has an impressive record of accomplishment. “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing,” she says. For Anicia, this is more than a mantra; it is a way of life. She began her career as a fashion model in New York City, and received her first major break when she became the National Spokesperson for Eastman Kodak. This exposure opened many doors, including the Barbizon School of Modeling, where she eventually taught thousands of high school students about the relationship between high self-esteem and dressing for success.

Columnist for Hollywood’s lifestyle maven, trendsetter and couture expert contributor are words used to describe Anicia. Armed with brains and beauty. She is a woman with a fearless voice and uses her words to empower and inspire her readers. She offers everything in her column from the art of entertaining to down to earth dating advice, as well as discussing the importance of image and self-esteem issues. Anicia has been a featured TV Host for HD Video Hollywood since 2012. She interviews celebrities on the red carpet and at award ceremonies on an as needed basis. As an entrepreneur and strong business leader, Anicia exploits her passion for success in her latest business venture as partner.

Anicia Bragg
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After landing a position as a spokesmodel for Eastman Kodak in her early 20s, Anicia Bragg moved to New York City to expand her knowledge of the arts, television, film and design, eventually also working with Barbizon Modeling School and teaching thousands of high school students how to “dress for success.” Her eye for fashion, style and decor, and aptitude for making stylish clothing designs eventually led to a career as an image consultant and now she collaborates with some of the most talented designers and professionals in the industry.

Also, as the founder of a special events/production company and designs, Bragg has coordinated celebrity galas, VIP parties, weddings and award ceremonies. And she has also served as vice president of a high-profile real estate development company. Bragg’s design and styling firm is ABRAGG Design in Phoenix, and she is also the editor for “Indulge with AniciaB,” a design philosophy blog.

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