Teaming Up for a Partner Workout

Teaming Up for a Partner Workout

According to a recent study, working out with a buddy could increase the effectiveness of your workout, so this Valentine’s Day pick a partner to workout.  The study further stated that choosing a partner who you perceives to be a better performer than you could increase your workout time and intensity by as much as 200%.

According to another study by Michigan State University’s Department of Kinesiology, The simple presence of a moderately more capable virtual cycling partner can do wonders for exercise motivation – by as much as 100 percent – when it comes to sticking to a workout program.  Overall, exercising with a virtually present partner improved performance, and the women exercised longer when cycling next to a more capable partner than when exercising alone. Like most people, you must be having dozens of interpersonal relationships—business partners, bosses, employees, clients, children, etc. Partner Training teaches you how to “tune in.” The ability to listen and effectively sense another person improves output.
One key tip when picking your partner: Your athletic abilities should be in the same ballpark. The rapport.

Benefits of Having a  Fitness Partner:

Teaming Up for a Partner Workout

  • Increased Motivation to workout
  • More regularity
  • Another benefit is that a fitness partner makes it less intimidating to join a gym, try a new class, or learn a new sport.
  • Great Way to socialize.
  • More Variety.
  • It’s safer to workout with someone. If you injure yourself on a run, for instance, your partner can find you the help you need.
  • Economical.

Ways to Get Your Heart Racing

With a partner, you can get your heart racing in more interesting ways .

  • Take Up a Sport.  You can play one-on-one basketball, tennis and squash.

Teaming Up for a Partner Workout

  • Riding bikes along with your partner is a lot of fun. You can explore together or find local bike paths in your area. You could even plan a hike along city paths or nature trails.
  • Dance. The best physical exercise you could possibly take up is DANCE! Put on the latest tunes and move. Let the world go loose on foot tapping music, sweat it out and at the end you stand to gain the benefit of physical and emotional fitness.
  • Pilates with a Partner.  In  Pilates practice with a buddy, structural and movement imbalances become just as apparent as communication imbalances. Pilates with a partner provides verbal feedback. For example, when sitting back-to-back you’ll notice where your spines connect, where there is extra space or if one side is more connected than the other. You can then tell each other what you are feeling and explore ways to get into balance: “I think you are leaning into me a little too much” or “I feel more resistance from your right foot than from your left.”
  • Partnered resistance training. If you have access to equipment like tube or medicine ball, you can try doing partner exercises with your clients, like, Partner Floor Slams, Single-Leg Partner Chest Pass, external rotation etc otherwise also you can try partner squat and oblique crunches.



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