Take Your Fitness To The Next Higher Level In 2018

2018 is about to sweep the world with a fitness craze combining the antics of a high-speed game of Twister with an arcade dance game to achieve desired goals.

With increasing awareness and demand to stay active, women are left to look around for options that can fit into their taxing routine. New challenging exercises that are time managed are becoming more popular.


1. Trampolining: 

Recent increase in indoor activity centres has been observed, coinciding with a push from the Government to encourage more young people into sports. Trampoline classes are great for cardiovascular health, and pushing you out of a fitness plateau but more than that women find it fun to be jumping around listening to blaring music, rather than stuck on a treadmill. Devotees of trampolining say its high rate of calorie burning – around 700 calories an hour, around twice the rate of jogging – low impact on joints and the fact it builds core strength – gave it a broad appeal.

Voice recognition device

2. Voice recognition device:

Voice recognition devices such as Amazon Echo have huge potential to get people being more active at home. They could serve as in-ho use personal trainers, with users able to “ask Alexa” to give them an instant workout. For others it can serve as a sort of encouragement they need to keep them on their feet maintaining healthy habits. The device is an ideal way to encourage older people to take exercise, with daily reminders and hints to prevent a slide into inactivity and frailty. If you are in the look out for a virtual personal trainer to guide you through a home workout, this one is meant for you.


3. Immersive fitness:

Gives a whole new meaning to one’s total-body workout. An hour in the studio won’t just get your body moving — it’ll also provide a full mental and physical “experience.” Inspired by cinema, live concert experiences and interactive gaming, IMMERSIVE FITNESS combines purpose-built studios and live instructors with immersive video. If you’re looking for something to push you a little more and help you work at a higher level” these classes could be the answer to your plateau problem. Immersive Fitness versions have their other group exercises classes like BodyCombat (a martial-arts inspired class where you become a video game character fighting space invaders), Grit (high-intensity interval training where the goal is to avoid flying objects on the screen), BodyJam (a dance class with choreography synchronized to music and graphics) and BodyBalance (yoga poses against real natural scenery).


4. Prama: 

The Prama exercise regime, which co-ordinates music, lights and monitors the participants heart rate and progress, will be seen as the latest family game in 2018. While circuit training classes invariably involve people working at a set pace, this game uses a computer to set different levels at each section of the touch sensitive floor, featuring grids, patterns and numbers, so different age groups and levels of fitness can exercise at the same time. Prama trains all major muscle groups through nonstop movement, building endurance, strength, balance, speed, agility, reaction time, and overall fitness. The innovative workout provides complete strength and cardio conditioning, burning up to 1,000 calories in just one 45-minute session.


5. Boxing:

This exercise form is making it’s way onto the fitness scene – and it’s not just the Victoria’s Secret models that are picking up on it (which, trust me, they are). It targets the entire body, says Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise. “In addition to boosting strength and cardio-respiratory fitness, boxing improves a number of skill-related parameters of fitness, including balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility,” she says. With a potential burn rate of 13 calories a minute, boxing goes head-to-head with other types of cardio like running and cycling. Plan to punch away anywhere from 200 to 400 calories per half hour. Thirty minutes of boxing in a ring torches 400 calories; 30 minutes of punching a bag burns 200 calories; and 30 minutes sparring with a partner blasts 300 calories. So, compared to running at a steady clip, boxing burns more calories in less time besides it is a blessing for those looking for flat belly. Besides, boxing can be a safer alternative to some of the riskier heart-pounding workouts out there. The body moves exactly the way it is intended to move, just at elevated speed.

Bye & See You in 2018!  Keep Moving.


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