Singer Crystal Bowersox on Embracing Challenges With Type 1 Diabetes

Crystal Bowersox, a northwest Ohio native currently calling Nashville, TN home, has built her life around music. Since her introduction to the world, Crystal has released 3 LP’s, two EPs, several singles, and is currently developing an autobiographical, theatrical rock concert titled, “Trauma Queen”.


In July of 2020, Crystal released the first long awaited single from her upcoming album, HitchHiker, to be released in 2021. The first single, Courage to Be Kind, was written in 2017 with accomplished songwriter and personal hero to Crystal, Steve Seskin. In the folk, rock gospel anthem, Crystal’s voice soars as she tackles several controversial topics. “It takes Courage to be kind / To be brave enough to walk your love across a party line.”

She has used her voice and talents to benefit several causes close to her heart, and has become an inspiration and advocate for people living with Type 1 Diabetes.

Women Fitness is honored to have Talented Crystal Bowersox to talk about her journey with music & type 1 diabetes to inspire people towards healthy living.


Your love for music developed at an incredibly early age which finally led to the release of your debut album, “Farmer’s Daughter” on Jive Records. Share your journey with music to become runner-up on the ninth season of American Idol. 


I started playing music and performing around the age of 10 in my hometown.  I was 24 years old when I finished second on American Idol.  I believe my musical journey is just beginning. I will be releasing my fourth full length album soon, and as I have grown, so has my music.


You were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 6. How did you do about balancing school, passion for music and diabetes treatment? 


Balancing a touring career, single-motherhood, and diabetes can certainly be a challenge. However, I strive to do my best every single day to set a good example for my eleven-year-old son. I want him to grow up knowing that no matter what challenges you face, you can achieve your dreams and goals through determination and self-discipline.


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