Secrets Uncovered: How Do Models Shed Baby Weight?


“No matter how busy you are,  Always find time to squeeze in a workout.” says Hollywood singer actress Jennifer Lopez a mother of twin kids. “I have to work very hard in the gym to keep my tummy in shape” she adds further. Work hard and watch what you eat. Her training  comprises of cardio & weight, with a feminine approach. Jennifer  trains two or three times a week and also does circuits. Jennifer Lopez does not use exercise as a reason to pig out. She indicated, however, that sometimes she does not work out for months. To remedy this situation, J Lo does pull-ups to boost the balance of her hourglass figure.

Secret Uncovered: How do Models Shed Baby Weight?

Victoria Beckhem is using a combination of Pilates and algae wraps – which reportedly has help her shed 2-3lb a session – to regain her slender appearance after the birth of her four kids- Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, eight, Cruz, six and Harper seven (nine months). How far she will be successful with a Five Hand diet, seems skeptical.

Secret Uncovered: How do Models Shed Baby Weight?

Recently, Mariah Carey flaunted her toned legs in a tiny silver mini dress during new weight loss commercial for Jenny after a successfully weigtloss of 40 lbs. Becoming a mother of  twins, Monroe and Moroccan Scott Cannon was filled with learning to look at her physical being with a difference. Her new commercial is yet another campaign in which the Butterfly singer has been confident enough to show off her newly slender self.  She eats calorie controlled meals, including soups, and also does gentle exercise – walking her dogs and doing workouts in the ocean. She has come to understand the meaning of  healthy living, minus unhealthy eating patterns and lack of physical activity.


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