Radio Presenter Emma Conybeare Shares Her Incredible Success Story With Women Fitness!

emma conybeare

Over her career Emma has presented for Google and  hosted live events for Google+ including the World Wide Live Backstreet Boy Hangout. From live events to online tutorials and fashion ideas, she is also the main presenter for VideoJug Networks social platform POSE. Emma has been featured on Channel4 Tribes talking about the Youth of London. This Summer Emma hosted Sky’s Street Velodrome interviewing guest such at Boris Johnson.

In her spare time she is the sole creator of ‘Young in the City’, a blogging and vlogging platform for cool things, fashion and food in and around London.

Her current series on her YouTube channel  is ‘Lifestyle Mathematics’ – every episode tackles different mathematical problems which occur in everyday situations (such splitting a restaurant bill or working out what percentage discounts equal to) this draws on her degree in Mathematics and Statistics and her need to try and help others.

Last Summer Emma organised and hosted her first gig “Emma CB Acoustic Sessions”. Interviews and live performances were filmed and uploaded to watch again on a separate YouTube ‘Emma CB Acoustic Sessions’. Emma CB’s Acoustic Sessions were aimed at the New and Emerging music talent that need more exposure, live coverage and experience.

Emma Conybeare shares her incredible and inspiring life journey in an exclusive interview with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar: You are an extremely popular and successful Model, Presenter and Radio DJ. Tell us about your incredible journey so far and how it all began?

Ms. Emma Conybeare: Where do I start on the journey of my life, well I suppose, I didn’t start off saying I wanted to be a model, presenter, DJ. I went to University, followed the route that most people take. School Uni, get a good job. I did a Mathematics and Statics degree, I liked a challenge and I always wanted to stand out. Took up the challenge and passed with a 2:1. Anyways coming out of University I was one of those students struggling to decide what I wanted to do with myself, I liked customer facing jobs but having a Maths degree I wanted something exciting like Trading but I was stuck in a rut and not getting a job, unemployed, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I started sending some pictures out to agencies and this was where a starter agency, Mission Models that took me under their wing and developed my book. At the age of 21, I think I was still naive to the world, thinking things would happen at the click of a finger but rejection out weighed all the positives. Being stubborn and liking challenges I was not willing to give up. So I kept working hard… The thing that I had against me was my height coming up at 5ft5 people wouldn’t even give a casting… but what I lacked in height, I gained in personality, confidence and my quick wit.

From there I got the passion from Presenting, and I started off pitching to different companies thinking of YouTube videos to train and teach myself how to present, interview people etc.  I did a few events and one of the biggest gig was interviewing Backstreet Boys Live with an audience on the Google Hangout world wide, I definitely got chucked in the deep end, but I swam.

emma conybeare

Over the years I chipped away at the Presenting gaining experience, footage and building up a good portfolio. Having no agent. everything was dependent on myself but like I said I liked challenges, I wanted this so badly I didn’t have a back up plan. Plus having the ball in your court meant you were in control of your life. After committing my soul for several years I couldn’t look back, every time I got rejected, I couldn’t have doubts because deep down I knew I was good, I knew my time was coming.

I found a niche in the market, it was radio, I started off doing two years at a local radio station, training myself from all the errors I made. Until I was put into contact with somebody at Global and this is where my Radio Presenting career took off at Capital Xtra. Nothing was smooth running and I can’t say it was the easiest time for myself. The amount of pressure you put on yourself because this was your break, your dream but over the year I trained myself to deal with pressure as a strength.

My modelling career was gradual, getting a few modelling gigs here and there, I was in several Adidas campaigns even on the Superstar Original advert with David Beckham and Rita Ora. Me being me, liked being different and changed my hair styles a lot but some of the times it worked in my favour when I had a short hair, I was the perfect character Guitar Hero Live Game… yes you will see me shouting at my band since I was their manager, funny that.

This year was one of my most successful years and I am a strong believer that what ever career you take, you need experience, meeting clients showing your charisma learning how to put on a performance when you meet people. Like I said I have to make up for my height with my personality.

Just recently I was the face of Starter Active Sports wear being the first female face for this brand. I’ve been on several campaigns such as Pringles (Don’t Laugh) EE, Air Lengus. It’s been an exciting year in terms of Modelling and Presenting but it’s about timing because I worked so hard for this. At the start of the year I was still juggling several jobs, Waitressing, Hostings, Bar work in order to survive in London. It nice now how I have a bit more free time for myself. But if you think you will get your dream job at the click of the fingers, it’s like winning the lottery, highly unlikely. Hard work does pay off.

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