Quest For Sexy Eye Look

Sexy eyes are about creating the perfect almond shaped eye. None of us would like to end up looking like a Halloween character.

sexy eye look

How to Apply Sexy Eye Makeup

  • According to Shalini  Vadhera, Celebrity makeup artist “When doing a smokey eye, start with the eye makeup first before applying foundation. It’s easier to clean up any fallen shadow without messing up your entire makeup. This also avoids the dark raccoon look under the eye”. You can even use “primer” to begin with.
  • Start with nude colors when applying sexy eye makeup. Choose pallets in brown, charcoal, black, plum or gray. Bright colors may make the eyes appear smaller. Choose a vanilla tone to highlight. Vanilla works well on most women.

  • Next comes the Eyeliner, to create the illusion of bigger, more seductive eyes. Eyeliner can can go a long way to give eyes the desired almond shape which is characteristic of sexy eyes. Begin by lining the top lash line from the inner corner and extending the line slightly past the edge. Use a soft pencil so that the line is not harsh.

sexy eye look

  • Go from lid to brow, when applying eyeshadow.  “Since the look is sexy & smokey,  use creme shadows and apply them with either fingers or a synthetic makeup brush” according to Vadhera. Begin with dark shadow. If you line the eyes with brown, choose chocolate shadow. Apply color to the mobile eye making sure that the color intensity is darkest close to the lashes and outer third of the eye to create the desired almond shape of a sexy eye. The intensity should decrease as you move towards the crease. Apply shadow to the lower lid sweeping it towards the outer corner. Be sure to keep the intensity light or you may look odd.
  • Line the bottom outer third of the lower lid keeping close to the lash line and extend slightly past the edge.
  • Check for the desired shape and that the color intensity is equal on both eyes.
  • Fill in the inner corner of the eye and above the brow bone using vanilla to highlight and open the eyes. This will make the eyes appear even larger and finish the sexy eye makeup.
  • Follow with two-three coats of black mascara. Shalini recommends, curling the lashes first to really open up the eye.  Fan the lashes when applying the mascara to make the eyes appear sexy and large. Concentrate more mascara on the outer third of the lashes.
  • Use a concealer brush and “clean up” the eye area with a dab of foundation.

Nothing is sexier than a woman with sultry, seductive, inviting eyes.


  1. Remember to keep lips nude. When applying strong makeup (like smokey eyes or red lips) put the focus on either eyes or lips, never both.
  2. For a bit of fun, you can try a blue or purple mascara.


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