Pilates for Amazing Sex

One of the fundamental principles of Pilates involves learning how to engage and control the muscles of the pelvic floor and internal abdominals (think vagina!!!). Pilates, especially on the Reformer, is an amazing way to get in shape and get a rocking hard body. Celebrities such as Madonna, Charlize Theron, and Jamie Leigh Curtis swear by it.

Pilates teaches women how to fine-tune pressure of the vagina, including the g-spot, against a penis by articulating the pelvis forward and back. This allows a woman to control pressure against her clitoris. A woman with these two skills can give herself and her partner mind-blowing powerful orgasms.

Pilates – Sex Benefits

  1. Strength and flexibility go hand in hand with better sex. Stronger abdominal muscles (as well as all of your other muscles) will actually help to sustain the action of sex. Stronger muscles equals stronger movements for a longer period of time.
  2. Pilates strengthens your pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles in your pelvis that supports your bladder and uterus. Learning how to consciously control and relax these muscles allows you to increase sensation during sex in many ways.
  3. Pilates gives confidence in bed with the possession of a rocking body. Pilates teaches you to love your body and appreciate its unique strength, beauty and power.
  4. Pilates is a mind body system, so there is also a mental component and sex is many times more mental than physical. Mental imagery helps to create the right form and feeling while doing pilates exercises and requires a great deal of focus and concentration. And we all know what a little mental imagery can do to enhance our overall sexual experience.
  5. Increase in libido and more intense orgasms. Pilates focus on  pulling the “navel to the spine” brings increased blood flow to the pelvic area. This continuous rush of fresh blood and oxygen to the sexual organs results in an increase in libido and more intense orgasms.

Pilates in Motion

  • Pilates Knee Stretch: Kneel down on all fours and then round up one knee forward so that you can almost touch it with your forehead. Extend it straight back, arching your back down and lifting that leg up high at the same time as your head and chest lift. Repeat 8 times with each leg, intensify the rounding and arching movements as you progress, strengthening your back muscles, and increasing the range of your pelvic thrust.
  • Pilates Thigh Stretches: Kneel upright with or without 3 lb. dumbbells. Reach your arms out forward. Tighten your seat muscles and hinge your arms backward in a straight line holding your abdomens tight. Reach out to your farthest point and hold the position for 3 counts. Then return upright. Repeat 5- 8 times progressively lowering yourself each time. Your quads and glutes will strengthen and your thighs will stretch allowing you greater flexibility and the ability to sustain the stretch.
  • Pilates Front Splits: Stand tall for this and come into a deep forward lunge with your right foot forward and your left leg straight back. Your arms can be genie-style. Bend the front knee very low and control it to your lowest point and hold for 3 counts. Straighten the leg slowly up and repeat 6 times before switching legs. Increase the stamina of your leg muscles and fully extend your hips for more playful positions later on.
  • Scissors: Lie flat on the floor arms by your sides, then bend your knees into your chest and stretch your legs upwards. With your fingers resting just behind your ears, lift your heads and shoulders off the ground and look up at your legs. Pull your stomach well in, and if the exertion is too great raise your legs higher. Now scissors your legs, crossing them at the ankles, 16 times. Note: Tough one for the abdominal if you’re not ready for this, the small of your back will come off the floor in which case stop. Remember, the lower the legs the harder the exercise.
  • Roll-Ups: This is a series of exercises that build up in difficulty, so start with the first one and only go on to the later ones as your muscles strengthen. Lie on the floor with your legs stretched out and your arms at your sides palms upwards. Pull yours stomach muscles under you at the same time. This will cause your knees to bend slightly and your pelvis to tilt. Repeat 4 times. In the second stage, repeat the pelvic tilt, this time moving your upper body off the floor, arms outstretched and parallel to the floor. Your head should come up last. Do not raise yourself far enough to make your stomach bulge or your shoulder tense. Repeat 4 times. In the third stage you begin as before and continue to raise your upper body until your are sitting straight up arms stretched out in front, head and neck in a long line with your spine. Now drop your head forward onto your chest and roll back down through the spine holding on tight to the stomach muscles. Try to feel your back go down, vertebra by vertebra lengthening out on the floor. Repeat 4 times.


Avoiding sex because of pain only leads to more pain. Women tend to be caught in a vicious cycle. Take up Pilates for better sex.


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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