Natalie Jill: Hottest Fitness Trainer Reveals Her Fitness Secrets!

Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill is a single mom, she works full time, she is about 41 years of age. She has an auto immune disease called CELIAC. She has been through hardships and has courageously dealt with adversity and has overcome and accomplished all her goals through self accountability. Her motto is “Excuses or Solutions YOU decide” is true and how she has lived her life and empowered others.

She has been a fitness model at age of 39. She is a fitness trainer, a Licensed Sports Nutritionist and a motivational mentor. She does fitness and nutrition coaching full time. She is owner of website Natalie Jill Fitness has created the weight loss programs, fitness programs, cookbooks and the motivational tools.

Natalie Jill today’s leading fitness trainer and nutritionist in conversation with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

Natalie Jill

Ms. Namita: As a single mother taking a career in fitness modeling and as a businesswoman can be quite challenging. Kindly tells us how you handled such a challenging situation in your life?

Ms. Natalie: I really wouldn’t say that I have a career in fitness modeling. I have DONE fitness modeling and that has helped with the social proof I needed to launch my own business in health and fitness. When I had hit rock bottom years ago as a new mom going through a divorce, I was truly at my lowest. I was working full time as a sales director and I was feeling unhealthy and out of shape and was going through a depression. Working on ME, getting my body back and working towards goals (one goal at a time) was the process I needed to go through to get out of my rut. That challenging process IS what turned around my life.

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