Monsoon Makeup Tips

Monsoon Makeup Tips

With monsoon showers around there are high chances of your makeup getting absolutely ruined and washed out.

Check out, tips for makeup……




It is better not to use foundation during monsoon unless you want to get caught in a messy position. Instead use face powder. Avoid using concealer during the monsoon. Use the foundation as a concealer instead, applying it only in spots which need touching up such as dark circles around the eyes. Opt for a water-resistant foundation that does not bleed in the rain.


Use powder only sparingly just so much that is necessary to remove the grease off your face and nose. Avoid using pressed powders in monsoons since the powder tends to become patchy.



While using mascaras and eyeliners select water resistant types, do not use kajal during monsoon.


Since creams can melt off the face, stick to powder formulas. Think sheer and pastel. Shades of brown, pink and beige are just right for easy maintenance in the rains.




Apply blush lightly – it looks prettiest when you can’t tell that you’re wearing it. Cream blushers are yum and they are water-friendly too! If your face gets wet, all you do is dab it with a tissue and your blush stays put. Blending is the key word. So be sure to blend the blush outwards so that it does not look like a blob of colour on the cheek. Shades of peaches and browns are a must.



Monsoon Makeup Tips

Keep up with your tweezing/threading, avoid using the eyebrow pencil for the time being. Instead, put a little hair gel onto a brow brush to keep brows looking shapely.


Use the long lasting colour – stay/non-transfer variety of lipsticks. Avoid the creamy, glossy ones and opt for powder matte tones or crème matte tints.


During the monsoon your hair is in a mess. But don’t worry follow these tips to get a tangle free, clean and healthy hair.

  • Don’t use hair spays or gels during monsoon as the hair lacquers and gums can stick to scalp causing dandruff.
  • Dry massage the scalp with finger tips daily at nights to maintain blood circulation.
  • Use hot oil treatment once a week to keep hair problem free.
  • Long hair should be tied up into a top knot while going outdoor
  • Short hair can be to a neat tapering style so that even when it gets wet, it can bounce back into its shape when it’s dry.
  • If you travel a lot, go for a good, trim haircut because, hair that gets wet often is better off short. Short hair is easy to comb and easy to dry.
  • If you have long hair make sure you dry your hair as soon as it gets wet. Keeping a Turkish towel and a travel hairdryer at your workplace is a good idea.
  • Do not oil your hair thinking that the oil will repel the moisture if the hair gets wet. It does not work that way. It stinks.

Get ready to face monsoon with a refreshing glow.

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