Monica Monroe: Internationally Published Glamour Model Reveals Her Fitness Secrets

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Today, we bring to you the ultimate American girl with over 390K followers on Instagram, Monica Monroe. Sultry, sexy and 100% dedicated to success. This blonde bombshell is beauty with brains! Monica, a natural at modeling, was discovered when she was just a child. For several years she modeled clothing in print ads for department stores but she decided to take a hiatus and focus on schoolwork. Monica went on to college and graduated, with honors, with a degree in Chemistry. She then decided to get back into modeling. She is beauty and brains personified, yet she is sweet, down to earth, and kind to everyone she meets.

Today, Monica’s hard work and dedication has led her to become one of the most sought after models. She has shot with professional photographers from across the country and has been internationally published. She has worked hard at building her professional portfolio so that she may showcase her exotic, diversified look.

monica monroe

Exceptionally Talented & Exotic Glamour Model, Monica Monroe is in conversation with Namita Nayyar, President – Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar: You were discovered for modeling at a very young age. For several years you modeled for clothing in print ads but soon decided to take a break and focus on studies. So you went to college and graduated, with an honors degree in Chemistry. Thereafter, you returned to modeling and were soon chosen by Playboy as their Playmate. Tell us something about this spectacular journey?

Ms. Monica Monroe: As a teenager, I always admired the Playboy brand as it symbolized classy sexuality.  After high school, I decided to focus on my education and devoted all of my time to studying.  Finishing my undergraduate studies was very important to me.  Once I graduated college, I immediately returned to my passion of modeling and travelled throughout the US to shoot with amazing photographers.  Becoming a Playboy Playmate was a huge accomplishment for me.  It allowed me to freely express myself by posing nude in a classy way and embody all of the qualities that I admired in models growing up.

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