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Fashion Hair

If you are looking for real inspirational hairstyles, then you can get plenty of great ideas from this seasons most relevant hair trends. Mind you they are plenty of  chic ideas.

  • Fringes: go well with large brimmed hat and serves as a perfect complement to bold-framed sunglasses. Use a texture and volume spray to create separation and texture. This hairstyle is totally going to rock.
  • Bold, chunky bangs with sleek long, layered locks: This hairstyle is a perfect mix for a city-swept, urban-inspired collection.
  • Ponytail wrapped into a tight, sleek bun:Ponytails aren’t so much a trend as they are an evergreen hairstyle. But despite this, they change and morph to suit a year’s trends – last year was all about a sleek ponytail. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many of 2014′s hair trends are built upon the ponytail. And in all of them, one interpretation stands out as on-trend: the low ponytail.
  • Topknot: A highly-styled chignon is perfectly elegant with a whimsical structure. To make it up- dry straight hair with a dry conditioner spray. Create a ponytail, separate into five sections. Create four small buns in the center and wrap a large section around the buns. Finish with hairspray.
  • Slicked down, center parted look: This year at Rag & Bone, hair was center-parted and slicked down, the lengths styled in neat, glossy waves. On Elle France’s January cover Dutch model Patrica van der Vliet rocks a middle part with layered locks that have a bit of movement to them. The soft wave breaks up the sleek part at the top of the head.

slicked hair

  • Braids:  From tiny accent braids to big, piled-on crowns, hair stylist seemed to have discovered woven styles anew — and we’ve found ourselves cheering on the humble braid once again. One of the edgier looks to be seen on the runways was the stark French braid, created by Redken pro Jenny Balding at the Paola Hernandez show. After hair was blown pin-straight, a single mohawk-style French braid was created from the hairline to the nape of the neck, then tied off with a clear elastic for a seamless look.
  • Choppy PageBoy Wigs: for that uniform look that only wigs can create. This look was seen at Chanel, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, L ‘Wren Scott. This look was designed to encompass a free-spirited girl.
  • Flowers in the Hair and Head Pieces: 2014 hairstyles are quite natural but simplicity doesn’t mean boring. Retro style mixed with simple details just cannot be boring. More beautiful example was represented by Dolce & Gabanna. Wavy bun hairstyle completed with floral and golden accessories. Actually hair accessories are of great popularity this season so make sure you have several examples for coming spring and summer.

hair bun

A Sleek Bun

Lightly dampen hair by spritzing with a spray bottle of water or by smoothing down hair with wet hands or a comb. Using a hair brush, smooth hair back neatly. Secure hair tightly into a high ponytail using an elastic ponytail holder. Position the ponytail where you want the bun to be. Using a brush or a comb, smooth all loose hairs of the ponytail in order to make a neater bun. Twist the ponytail into a tight rope. Wrap hair rope tightly around the ponytail base, twisting more as needed. Tuck the ends of the hair rope into the ponytail base. Use several hair pins to secure the bun. Thick or long hair will require several pins for a secure bun. Lightly spray bun and surrounding hair with hairspray to secure the hairstyle. You are ready with a perfectballerina bun.

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