Managing Skin Around The Eyes

Managing Skin around the Eyes

  • The skin around the eyes requires very gentle handling.
  • Never put heavy night creams, moisturizers or nourishing facial masks round the delicate eye area. The oil content of these heavy preparations stretch the under-eye skin causing puffiness. Also avoid astringents or anti-spot lotions to come into contact with this area, all of them contain drying ingredients which will cause wrinkling and ageing of skin.
  • Eye creams should be light in texture. Cream when applied around the eye should be carried out gently without any massage.
  • Any pulling or stretching of skin around the eye can cause damage to the delicate tissues. Use a light touch to apply creams or remove make-up. Choose cleansers and nourishing creams that are particularly suited to the care of the skin around the eyes like a light moisturized cleanser and an almond based cream.

Your daily routine should consist of:

Managing Skin around the Eyes

  • CLEANSING: Use moist cotton wool and a moisturized cleansing gel, to wipe off traces of make up. Soap and water are not adequate for removing all the make-up debris, apart from causing the skin to become too dry.
  • AFTER CLEANSING: Dab under eye cream (one that is light) around the eye area and remove after 10 min by again using a moist cotton wool.
  • Regular care is essential to keep the skin soft, moist and youthful. Tired eyes can be smoothened with eye-pads. Eye pads or cotton wool pads dipped in chilled rose water cucumber juice or potato extract help to remove the fatigued look and add brightness to the eyes. Lie down place them on your eyes and relax for at least 10 min.
  • Protect your eyes from long exposure to sunlight. Make a habit of using sunglasses outdoors, but make sure of the quality of the glass used.


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