Make-Up Tips For Women Over 50


A lot of hormonal changes take place inside a woman’s body when she goes through the phase of menopause. Many diseases and conditions occur as a result of menopause including some skin disorders. Wrinkles and aging signs are two of the most worrisome conditions in women over 50 years of age.  Just as the pigment in our hair changes and it turns grey, the melanin in our skin changes also. This is “Mother Nature” being kind so that our skin tone compliments our now grey hair.

To avoid gaps while applying eye liner then apply it in one direction and then the other (back and forth).  This will prevent the dotted line look. If you still cannot achieve a solid line, put your finger next to the outside of your eye and gently pull your eyelid toward your hair stretching it out. While holding this stretch, apply the eyeliner with your other hand.

By making quick, easy tweaks – like ditching that shimmery lip gloss- you can easily take years off your look. Read on our over 50 makeup tricks!

  • Make-Up Tips for women over 50To begin with the techniques of makeup that may have worked twenty years back will add age to your face in your fifties. The motto should be “Less is more”
  • Exfoliate before you start your makeup routine: See that your skin is clear of dead skin cells. If you have never followed a skin exfoliation routine, this is the best time to begin. Foundation can only look good according to the skin it is applied on. Oil-based foundations are water-in-oil emulsions containing pigments suspended in oil, such as mineral oil or lanolin alcohol. Vegetable oils (eg, coconut, sesame, safflower) and synthetic esters (eg, isopropyl myristate, octyl palmitate, isopropyl palmitate) also may be incorporated.
  • Moist skin & lips will instantly make you look younger. However, skin changes as you get older, so remember to use a moisturizer that is appropriate for your current skin type. A moisturizer that worked when you were younger may not achieve the same results now that you are older and your skin likely has become dryer. If a moisturizer makes you break out or feels greasy, you are using the wrong product for your skin type.
  • Blush your cheek: pick one that is muted in color and is cream based, which blends easily. Smile and apply the blush on the apples of the cheeks, and then blend well. Blush should appear as if your cheeks have a natural glow, and not end up making your face look gaunt.
  • After applying all you creme products, set them with a silky translucent loose powder. Instead of applying it with a brush, try using a velour powder puff and roll your powder on. This technique will set your makeup in place without moving it around (which can happen with a brush). The puff will also give you a little more coverage. Laura Mercier makes a great Velour Powder Puff.
  • Define your eyes with eyeliner. Try bringing the liner slightly upward at the outer corner of the eye.  You could also use an eye pencil too & fro to fill in the gap created due to wrinkles. Never apply eyeliner on the bottom of lids. The next thing you need to apply is the mascara. Make sure to apply only a single coat, and only on the upper lashes. Also, as your eyebrows get sparser and the color fades, you may want to give them extra definition with a powder, pencil or gel that is close to your natural hair color. But remember, apply the color with a light touch.  Be careful of shimmery eye shadows as they can accentuate creepy eyelids. Pick shadows whose texture neither looks too dry on your lids nor has too much shimmer.  Often, neutral shades are more flattering  than bold ones.
  • The next step is coloring your lips. If you simply can’t do without the lip liner, choose one that is neutral in tone and apply it lightly and on the lip line, not outside them. Also, lips should be colored very lightly, with natural colored lipsticks being the best. When you wear cools, choose a rose shade of lipstick, and for warms, coral shades are great.  You can use foundation & powder close to the lip line or an anti-feathering lip primer to help avoid feathering.
  • Remember to blend your makeup. Whether it’s the shadow on your eyes, the foundation or blush on your face, or the color on your brows, blending makes an incredible difference in whether makeup enhances or detracts from your looks.

To keep your makeup looking its absolute best, as you grow older, use moisture-based products and avoid vibrant colors and shimmer shades. Shimmer and lively colors will accentuate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, avoid using matte makeup products, which are meant for oily skin, for they look dry and pasty, particularly matte lipstick.


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