Make-Up Tips For Fitness Models

As a female physique model, proper make-up selection and application is one of the most critical aspects involved in one’s presentation. A model must learn appropriate application techniques for stage make-up, as the lighting is extremely bright and hot, and the make-up can bleed and/or wear off easily if it’s not a quality brand that hasn’t been applied properly.


Color selection is also extremely important due to the lighting. The color should blend well with the skin after the tanning product has been applied, and matching the shades is often a difficult process. Fitness models encounter similar difficulties when preparing for guest appearances, endorsements, and photo shoots.

In addition to make-up techniques, proper skin care year-round helps models to look their best for the many appearances and events they encounter. To clear up any confusion that you may have, check out the make-up tips listed below:

  • Base color selection is extremely important due to stage lighting. The color should closely match the skin after the tanning product has been applied to the body. To find the right shade, you should always test a few shades on your jaw line or cheek. The correct shade should literally disappear into the skin and blend with the skin tone of the neck rather than the face. Also, it is best to test it in natural light. The goal of foundation is to even out the skin tone. The right shade makes the skin look smooth and flawless.

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  • When applying a tanning solution to the face area, make sure there is a red tone to the base color. You should stop added tanning solution to facial areas approximately one shade lighter then your final tan.
  • Each and every person has features that are more attractive than others. The two most expressive on the face are the lips and eyes. Choose to emphasize whichever one you receive the most compliments on.
  • Emphasizing lips- You can line your lips and then use the liner to color in the whole lip area, apply lipstick, powder lips, apply lipstick again and then do any liner touch up needed. This gives you long lasting lipstick without drying out your lips. Also outline your lips with a lip outliner to keep lipstick/liner from running and feathering while giving your lips a fuller look.
  • Emphasizing eyes- Powder your lashes with your lightest eye shadow shade or a loose powder, apply a brown mascara for fullness, then apply black only on the tips for length.
  • The whole trick to getting your make up to remain on longer through the day comes down to the how much powder are you using to actually lock in the makeup. Also, a way to help eliminate this endless evaporating nightmare is to actually find a product that focuses on maintaining longer wear and resists creasing that can occur throughout the day from natural oil secretion.

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  • The right choice of colors and proper application is very important. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good you are confident in yourself and you will do a better job.

Daily Skin Care Routine

  • Wash your face twice per day: in the morning and in the night. The night washing should be done with an exfoliating sponge to remove all dead skin cells, as well as dirt from the day. Try using a moisturizing soap bar as well as a day and night compound to be used at the proper time after washing.
  • Use a toner after washing and before placing the desired compound on, and the last thing to be applied is the moisturizing lotion. Choose a moisturizing lotion with UV protection in it. Skin of fitness models tend to be dehydrated so good skin care is essential to keep skin from looking leathery. Take care of your skin as much as possible during the off season, just to give your skin strength, endurance, and elasticity, so during contest season it will stand the test of competition days.
  • Don’t forget your hands. Use a hand cream with an SPF in it also. One interesting fact, more men than women get skin cancer of the lips. The reason for this is that women use lipstick, which blocks out most of the harmful UV rays.

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  • Never share your make-up with anyone. Wash all make-up brushes at least once a month in a soapy solution. Throw mascara out three months from the date of first usage.
  • Always wash your make-up off before going to bed!


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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