Kayla Itsines Inspires 10 Million Women But Do You Know What Makes Her Sweat?

Kayla Itsines
Photographer: Jeremy Simons

Personal trainer since the past 10 years, Kayla Itsines has totally changed the fitness scene in the world, by transforming the lives of millions of women. If you’re a fitness lover, you cannot have missed this stunning trainer’s Instagram account that boosts of a whooping 10 million following, obsessed with her challenging SWEAT workouts and immensely motivational success stories.

Between workouts, meetings and being an inspirational woman, Kayla joined Women Fitness’ President Namita Nayyar to play 20 Questions about the love of her life: FITNESS!


A healthy morning ritual that you follow?


I always make sure I eat breakfast, and then love to check in with the BBG community to see what they have been up to. I always feel inspired and motivated by all the hard work the BBG girls are doing around the world.


One word that defines you?


Habitual. Healthy habits are a big part of my lifestyle, whether it is eating healthily, working out or getting enough sleep. I’m a big believer that motivation takes you only so far and that habits are important to take you the rest of the way. My book, ​The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide goes into this in much more detail but basically building habits around exercise and healthy eating can help you reach your goals much easier.


Your first experience of working out at a gym?


I found it a little overwhelming, to be honest. That’s why there is such a huge focus on education with my BBG programs in the Sweat app. I want women to be able to step into the gym feeling confident, knowing how to do exercises safely with correct form.


What are your top 3 exercises to tone arms?


As with any​ fitness goal, there isn’t ​one particular exercise or training style that works best. It’s all about having a routine that you do consistently and that is part of an overall fitness plan. Some of the exercises I use regularly are push-ups, tricep dips and a bicep curl with an added shoulder press.

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