Katie Knowles: True Inspirational Life Story Of An Exceptional Achiever

KATIE KNOWLESKatie Knowles, age 24 is a partially paralyzed model. Katie was only 15 when she was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is when the spinal column is too narrow, the spinal canal will constrict and rub against the spinal cord which causes pain, numbness or weakness.

When Katie was 20 she had a surgery that was supposed to fix her spinal stenosis and rid her of the back pain that plagued her during her late teenage years. However, after a 9 hour surgery, the aspiring law student awoke and couldn’t feel her lower body. Doctors grimly informed her that she was partially paralyzed from the waist down and looked forward to a lifetime spent in a wheelchair.

For Katie, who was an avid ballet dancer, swimmer, and played badminton when she wasn’t off horse-backing riding, this was devastating news. Katie was depressed, but determined to learn how to walk again. Then a friend suggested taking a few modeling photos to boost her self-confidence. Katie agreed and after her friend posted the photos on social media, modelling agencies began contacting Katie.

Now Katie works as a model for Models of Diversity. She says she’s willing to try anything at shoots, such as posing on horseback or wedding photos. She said during the wedding photo shoot the photographer’s assistant had to hide under her dress to hold her steady. Katie says she wants to reach out to other disabled people and tell them they can still achieve their dreams despite any setbacks they may have encountered.

Brainy law student Katie amazed medics by ditching the wheelchair and learning how to walk all over again through gruelling physiotherapy. Now, Katie has landed on her feet and is a earning her way as a top model.

katie knowles

On her facebook page her profile read as below:

“Paid work as a part time disabled model and TFP shoots that I feel will be a fantastic benefit to my portfolio. I am an experienced fashion and commercial model with a lot of bridal and creative shoot experience. I am a disabled model with a spinal condition so I shoot with my fantastic Glamsticks, don’t let my disability put you off, it makes me work harder!” She is now also a model for Models of Diversity, a company that campaign for more diversity within the modeling industry.

Katie Knowles is a leading, talented model with special needs. She is in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness.

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