Jelena Abbou: Figure Competitor, Model And Personal Trainer Reveals Her Workout, Diet And Beauty Secrets

jelena-abbouJelena Abbou, née Jelena Đorđević is a figure competitor, model and personal trainer, now living in the United States. Jelena grew up in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia. Her parents, Milica and Velibor, her brother and she lived there. She started working out in a little town in Serbia when was about 16. She was one of the first girls in her town who started lifting. When she was 20 years old, she left this small town for the U.S. to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a fitness model.

The first contest she trained for was the 2001 NPC Women’s Extravaganza, held about three miles from her home in Hackensack, New Jersey. She stands 5’6″ and competes at 118 lbs. She is married to a fellow personal trainer. After competing in several shows where she landed in good places, magazine editors and modelling agencies have started to give her calls. She then started shooting for TV commercials and other forms of advertisements.

Currently, Jelena Abbou, a Serbian-American beauty, is a figure competitor, personal trainer, bodybuilder and now the face of well-known products like MAC.

Jelena Abbou Achievements

  • 2001 NPC Women’s Extravaganza – 5th
  • 2002 NPC East Coast Championship – 3rd
  • 2002 INBA Fitness Model Quest – 3rd
  • 2003 WNFB Worlds Natural Pro Figure – 5th
  • 2003 INBF Natural Monster Mash – Overall winner
  • 2004 WNBF Worlds Pro Natural Figure (New York City) – 1st
  • 2004 Northeast Classic Pro Figure – 2nd (and Ms. Photogenic)
  • 2004 Natural Atlantic Coast INBF Pro Figure – 1st
  • 2005 Ms. Buffalo Figure Championship – Overall winner
  • 2006 Junior Nationals, Class C, 8th Place
  • 2007 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro Figure Contest 8th
  • 2007 IFBB Atlantic City Pro Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Contest 7th
  • Jelena Abbou: World Leading: Figure Competitor, Model and Personal Trainer Reveals her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets2007 IFBB New York Pro Figure Contest 7th
  • 2007 IFBB Jan Tana Women’s Bodybuilding And Figure Contest 13th
  • 2008 IFBB Olympia 15th
  • 2008 IFBB New York Pro Figure 3rd
  • 2008 IFBB 15th Annual Sports/Fitness Weekend & Europa IFBB Super Show3rd
  • 2008 IFBB Houston Pro Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Contest 4th
  • 2010 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions 4th
  • 2010 IFBB New York Pro Figure 11th
  • 2010 IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding & Bikini Championships 6th
  • 2011 IFBB Houston Pro 2nd
  • 2011 IFBB Olympia 9th
  • 2011 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions 2nd
  • 2011 IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships 8th
  • 2011 IFBB Arnold Classic, Ms. International, Fitness International & Figure International 11th
  • 2012 IFBB Olympia Weekend 16th
  • 2012 IFBB Arnold Classic 11th

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