How To Train Like A Supermodel Using EMS

From Fashion Week and award shows to walking red carpets and countless runways, supermodels are constantly in the public eye and required to look their best year round. Though much of their appearance can be attributed to genetics, most famous females with sought after physiques actually work out harder than anyone realizes.

Supermodel Using EMS

But with little time and near impossible standards, they typically flock to fitness routines that are short yet highly effective, which is exactly why Victoria’s Secret models Alessandra Ambrosio, Romee Strijd, Heidi Klum and dozens more are embracing the latest fitness trend: Electrol muscular stimulation (EMS) training.

For those of you who have never heard of EMS, here is a short introduction.

EMS is the use of intentional engagement and amplification of the body’s own electrical pulses via a full body suit worn during the workout causing muscles to contract more and work harder. EMS specifically targets those harder to reach, fast-twitch muscle fibres that are responsible for fat burning and metabolic simulation, boosting the effects of your workout. Combining EMS technology with exercise is a very targeted way of super-charging virtually any workout.

The first time I read about an EMS technology I thought it was quite brilliant. Reducing a very long and exhaustion work out to a minimum, without sacrificing any of its physical benefits and even more so enhancing some of the most challenging muscle fibers seamed amazing.

But the heavy jacket on top of the suit with multiple wires all around and a giant cable leashing you to a stationary machine quickly deflated my excitement–that is, until the latest wireless technology recently became available.

Supermodel Using EMS
Photo Credit: Visionbody

At my NYC practice, ReBalance NYC, I offer a Power-UP EMS program utilizing the latest Visionbody technology, a blue-tooth enabled, flexible, cable-free and form-fitting suit using state of the art wireless German technology with BQK (Body Question Key) making it possible to instantly analyze and automatically alignment with the human body. It continually checks the body‘s characteristics during the training session, and these flow directly into the training.

This means the system maintains the perfect balance between tension and relaxation. The new wireless technology also allows a complete freedom of movement, making it possible to use the enhancement training techniques in virtually any exercise technique from yoga and pilates to CrossFit, cycling or kickboxing.

This device can be an amazing alternative to long and exhausting hours in the gym and an upgrade any workout routine, a major reason why models are increasingly incorporating it into their routine. By stimulating an amazing 90% of your muscle fibers in any of your favorite exercises, you’ll make any workout more effective – up to 18 TIMES more effective than conventional weight training — in a shorter time frame.

Supermodel Using EMS
Photo Credit: Visionbody

In fact, a 20 minutes EMS work out can yield the same or even greater results compared to a THREE-HOUR  work out while building more build strength and endurance, improving posture and core muscles and reducing the impact on joints.

For more information on how you can try out Dr. Lipnitsky’s EMS program and train like a supermodel, visit


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