How To Plan A Happy Family Vacation

Ask any parent about holidaying with kids, and they’ll more than likely roll their eyes, grate their teeth and regale you with tales of airport chaos, tears and tantrums…and that’s just the parents!


Holidaying with the family, especially if you have little ones in tow, can be a rather daunting and stressful task, however, with a little bit of preparation and planning, theres nothing to say you can’t enjoy some quality family time together whenever you chose.

  • Choose your destination wisely. If you don’t enjoy flying, or your kids get sea sick….have a think about where the easiest place to go away to is.  It might be that you forgo the far flung climes of a tropical country, and instead enjoy the beach a few hours drive from your home.  Or if long journey’s are going to cause arguments and tension, maybe local camping might be a more harmonious compromise.
  • Going on holiday can literally mean going anywhere other than home, so make life simple for yourself, and choose a destination that’s stress free to get to, and that will be enjoyed by the whole family.


  • Let everyone have their turn – ward off tantrums and the whine of ‘it’s not fair’ by ensuring that everyone gets the chance to do something they want.  Maybe it’s taking in turns the choice of dinner each evening, or the activity of the day….if everyone gets the opportunity to be heard and respected, there is no room for resentment and sulks.


  • Keep everyone well fed. There is nothing worse than a tired and hungry clan.  Make sure you pack plenty of healthy snacks and drinks…if you think you’ve packed enough, pack more!  Kids in particular go through the snack bag like a gale force wind, so ensure a happy satisfied brood by making sure their tummy’s are sated nicely


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