How Smoking Affects Physically Active Women and If They Can Benefit From Vaping

smoking affects

Smoking Kills The Purpose Of Keeping A Fit Body, By Destroying It From The Inside.

In the last five decades, the number of smoking women has increased, with over 20 million female smokers in the United States at the moment. Slogans, advertising and sports sponsorship in the 1970s had turned many physically active women towards smoking and the trend continues till now.

Due to their addiction of smoking, physically fit women find themselves vulnerable to heart diseases, respiratory problems and other complications in their bodies that ruin their workout efforts.

Heart Diseases – Poor Endurance

Today, women smokers, of ages thirty five and over, have a risk of succumbing to the coronary heart disease, with the chances being even greater than male smokers. There is also a vulnerability of dying from abdominal aortic aneurysm, which is the swelling of the abdominal artery that carries blood to main organs. Consequentially, the heart is made to do more work to pump blood through the damaged arteries which wears it out. Lack of a proper supply of blood also reduces the endurance of muscles.

Respiratory Diseases – Decreased Stamina And Performance

Women smokers are at risk of developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease such as emphysema and bronchitis. There is an eventual chance of airways becoming damaged and resulting in shortness of breath due to lack of oxygen. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease has no cure. The chances of getting these diseases are aggravated for women over thirty eight years.

The lack of oxygen and damaged air ways means that the stamina and performance is severely affected.

smoking affects

Oxygen Depletion – Increased Fragility

Another huge disadvantage of smoking for fit women is that it increases the frequency of injury due to the oxygen depletion in muscles, heart and brain. These organs are unable to perform optimally and hence lead to poor body posture while exercising, dizziness and even fainting. Any injury to the skin, ligaments or tendons will take greater time to heal due to the weakened repair system in the body.

How Vaping Helps

For the individuals who don’t know about a vaporizer, it is a device for breathing in vapors, rather than breathing in smoke through a cigarette/joint/bong. It can be utilized for a wide range of dry herbs including weed and tobacco. A vaporizer comes in as little a size as a pen and can be utilized on the go. It is cautious, simple to take around and has negligible smell. Suffice to say, a vaporizer is really a blessing from heaven for a smoking addicts. With the numerous vaping brands (like MigVapor, for instance) and many vaping product available, there’s definitely no lack of options.

Most of the smoking related health issues arise due to the inhalation of chemicals present in the smoke and not by the substance inside the joint / cigarette. As opposed to smoking, vaporizers work by evaporating the harmful chemicals without creating smoke. This implies the vapors that are created are free from these risky components. A standout in vaporizer research, Dr. Laugesen discovered in his exploration that it is inconceivable for vaporizers themselves to cause diseases related to smoking, compared to a practically consistent understanding between analysts about the cancer causing effect of smoking.

While stating that vaping is 100% better than smoking will be unwise, given the short time span of its origin and the limited research on the subject. However, one thing is clear: Vaping is better than smoking and presents only a fraction of risk. For women smokers who are looking to maintain and improve their fitness, switching to vaping will result in solid changes.

Healthier Lungs

As soon as a woman smoker switches to vaping, she will discover that her lungs start rejuvenating. The extent of repairing may vary depending upon the time the person has spent smoking, however there will be improvements. A recent report turned out to be an achievement in exhibiting the change of the state of lungs after subjects changed from smoking to vaping. These subjects had earlier lung and breathing problems, which got minimized after making the switch.

What this means for fitness? Healthy lungs will have increased air capacity, which will allow greater inhalation and hence more oxygen intake.   With the organs and muscles getting more oxygen, they will start performing better and increase the endurance of the body.

Least Side Effects

As demonstrated in a survey, vaporizers have been voted as being the least side effect prone.  Due to absence of any smoke, little to no heavy puffs, vaping feels much cleaner and leaves a ‘hang over’ of a lesser degree, contrasted with smoking.

What this means for fitness? There will be no more dizziness or lack of concentration while performing exercises, which will ensure that the body form is good and workouts are properly executed.

smoking affects

The positive changes achieved by using a vaporizer are guaranteed. You will notice them within a week or two of continuous vaporizer usage.

Sportsmen Who Vape

Over the years, quite a few top level sportsmen have shifted to using vaporizers due to their health benefits. These starts include:

  • Bradley Wiggins – Cyclist
  • Wayne Rooney – Footballer
  • David De Gea – Footballer
  • Jimmy White – Snooker Player
  • Anna Kornikova – Tennis Player
  • Jose Conseco – Baseball Player

These athletes use vaporizers to continue working on their gruel fitness regimes without sacrificing the pleasure of smoking.

What Is The Best Vaporizer

This is an intriguing inquiry and one which is exceptionally hard to reply. The vaporizer industry is loaded with top of the line vapes rivaling each other. The best vaporizer for you relies on your frequency of use and prerequisites. It additionally relies on the budget you have and the experience you have using vapes. To check out what’s trending in the market and to get a comprehensive guide for selecting your perfect vaporizer, check out the vapor cigarette reviews.


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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