How do Celebrities Prepare for Big Events?

How do Celebrities Prepare for Big Events?

With the big event around the corner- stars and celebrities get anxious about their looks and dressing Up. Well, talking  about the Emmy awards, the stars, go through some serious beauty revamp to model down the red carpet.

Stress is a huge factor when you have a big event, which may cause breakouts. Always keep Sonya’s Blemish Buster on an acne spot, a treatment that works overnight to banish breakouts and will not dry out skin, says, Gwyneth Palthrow.

A week before the big event:

  • Facial:  The best time to get a facial is seven days before a big event. Besides the benefits of circulation and anti-aging, they relax and encourage a peaceful mind.  Last year, Gwyneth revealed that she went to the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic to get the Apple Stem Cell Facial. This includes a series of treatments for the face, neck and chest that leaves skin looking youthful, tight and glowing. Heard about the “Red Carpet Facial” founded by Tracie Martyn. Tracie uses a ‘Resculptor’ device to stimulate theskin. Then amber LED lights are used to erase fine lines. Tracie uses her own products to reduce puffiness, lift the eyes and cheekbones, and define the jawline. Its basically like having facelift, without having a facelift.
  • Rejuvenation: This might extend up to filler injections in the lips, cheek bone augmentation, overall facial re-volumizing and hand rejuvenation. A vast majority also undergo a combination of all three, individually tailored to their needs. Oscar ladies often get Botox or Dysport to keep their foreheads free from creases, and maybe laser resurfacing or chemical peels. Botox in the armpits is key to stop one from sweating during the big event.
  • Teeth Whitening: Stars might opt for brilliant teeth whitening devices to make their teeth brighter and whiter. Teeth might develop a yellow tinge when not whitened regularly.  Showing up the day of the event with super bright pearly whites is what one looks forward to face the camera.
  • Cellulite buffer: Stars hate being seen with an ounce of cellulite, so they use a machine such as the BelleCore body buffer to prep their legs for tight dresses and high slits. The buffer increases blood flow and exfoliates to plump the skin. Another good option? Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion, which has light-reflecting particles to conceal imperfections and make your gams glow.

How do Celebrities Prepare for Big Events?
Three days before:

  • Cut down on carbs. “Cameron Diaz goes mostly green with veggies while J. Lo goes to broth as her midday snack to fill up” without adding calories. Additionally celebs will cut down on the alcohol a few days before “to prevent bloating and a puffy face.”
  • Detox: A three-day juice cleanse prior to the award ceremony is fairly standard amongst many actresses.

A day before:

  • Manicure & Pedicure:  a must for perfectly polished nails and toes, celebs head to the salon to get manicures and pedicures the day before a major event.

The Big Day!

Stars begin their day with a healthy breakfast in the morning of the Emmys to keep themselves satisfied until the after parties. A healthy breakfast would include egg whites, half of a grapefruit, and a cup of green tea. The egg whites provide protein and the fruit has fiber and good carbs to keep celebs feeling full. The grapefruit and green tea also aids in weight loss.

Most actresses hire a top stylist to source their dress, shoes, jewels and clutch bag, to look their every time best.

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