Holly Rilinger: Fitness Expert Reveals Her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets

Holly Rilinger is a fitness expert who is changing the game, delivering expertise and tough workouts, wrapped up in motivational shout outs and impromptu dance parties. She is all about taking control of your life without ever taking yourself too seriously. She lives every day with purpose, always looking to inspire change and reach for greatness. Her workouts are crazy tough, but bundled with love, encouragement and laughter.

Coach, trainer, and 10-year veteran of the fitness world, Holly Rilinger delivers doses of inspiration bundled up in high-intensity sweat sessions. A Nike Master Trainer, Flywheel Sports Master Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, and Group X Instructor with numerous certifications, Rilinger channels the same drive and discipline it took for her to make it as a professional basketball player internationally, into every one of her clients. She runs seasonal outdoor Training Camps, Destination Training Camps around the globe, club-themed After HRs workout parties, personal training services, and a popular fitness blog at HollyRilinger.com.

The ultimate coach, Rilinger uses a true team approach she learned in the real life locker room, moving shoulder-to-shoulder with her clients as she encourages them to focus and take charge of not only physical goals, but life aspirations too.

On her brief profile on her website it says ” Picture a childhood bedroom: posters of Michael Jordan, motivational quotes plastering the walls, sneakers and gear piled everywhere, and a young girl lying in bed, tossing a basketball into the air. Picture the chart this girl pinned to her garage wall to keep track of her daily workouts, percentage of shots made, and areas for improvement. Now, picture this young girl as an adult, one who turned hesitations about her 5′ 4″ frame into fuel for making her basketball dreams come true. But this is not a story about dreams – it is one about reality. This is the story of Holly Rilinger “.

Holly came to be named the #1 Freshman Pointguard by USA TODAY, the All-Time Leading Scorer at James Madison University, and a Strength and Conditioning All American. After all, her talents on the court were undeniable. However, things took a turn when reporters and coaches wary of her height aired their doubts about whether she could “wow” in the pros. After being turned down consistently by US agents, Rilinger discovered a New Zealand coach who had watched her game tape and wanted to give her a try. Rilinger drove his team to the National Championship that year. Finally attracting the attention she deserved from agents, Holly was quickly signed for her first pro gig in Germany, and subsequently for a cameo appearance on the WNBA team Phoenix Mercury.

Today, Rilinger channels the same drive, discipline, and heart it took for her to make it in the pros into every one of her clients. “Sharing the hope,” Holly says, “that is where the magic lies.”

Certifications and Experience

  • BS in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science
  • Holly Rilinger Fitness Founder
  • Nike Master Trainer
  • Flywheel Master Instructor
  • Contributing Editior -Fitness Magazine, Cosmopolitian, Self Magazine
  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Certified Kick Boxing Instructor
  • Level I & II Power Plate Certified
  • Pre and Post Natal Certified
  • Strength and Conditioning All- American
  • X-Pro Basket Ball Point Guard
  • 10 years experience in personal and Group Fitness

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