Halloween Make-up Ideas

Halloween or All Saints’ Eve, is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. It begins the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers.

halloween make-up

Its true that people see a lot of unusual makeup they like but don’t have the nerve to wear, with Halloween around its time to get adventurous and naughty. Halloween makeup is much more than sugar skulls and zombie prosthetics. It can be pretty, sophisticated — and not at all ghoulish.

Make-up Tips

Halloween make up is easily one of the most creative, innovative ways to play with cosmetics. Whether it’s zombie makeup or vampire fangs, the options are endless.

To begin with, perfect the skin with light matte foundation before starting on the details. Cover up anything that could distract from what you’re trying to focus attention on.

Stenciled Lashes

It resembles a comic book illustration but really could be from any era. To make the stencil, trim the top edge of a piece of flexible plastic to hug the curve of the lower eyelid. Then trace and cut out triangles. Plastic is better than paper because you can wipe it off, reverse it and get the same shape on both eyes. Place the stencil under the eye and fill in with MAC Creme Liner, in black. Use the same liner to sharpen the triangle edges, but apply with a wet brush, which makes the formula liquid — better for detail work. To sign off apply coral lipstick in orange and white.

Metallic Appliqué Liner

Halloween Make-up Ideas

This is a Cleopatra version with gilded blunt eyeliner cut from metallic contact paper, with  pointed ends sweeping up toward the temples, both ancient and futuristic. To create the look first fold the contact paper in half before tracing and cutting out a shape to get identical appliqués for each eye. Brush a mixture of Mehron Metallic Powder in gold and Cream, on the entire top lid and re-purposed the powder for lips by mixing it with clear MAC Lipgloss.

Spiderweb Eye


To start apply plenty of foundation first, and blend it adequately. This will keep the fine lines of the spider web design from running too much. Use liquid eyeliner to draft the spider web, which is perfect — no last minute party supply store runs! Make sure to rock an attention-grabbing lipstick, like the multi-layered look that SmashinBeauty shows us.

Fake Tears Of Blood

blood tears

After creating an even base, pair fake blood with any old makeup look for an instant fear-factor. Just dab it on right underneath your lower lash line and let it run a bit. Don’t make it too uniform.

Jeweled Eyebrows

After dressing up the eyes with black eye liner. Try “spirit gum,” which actors use, or eyelash glue, or you could use stick-on jewels, instead — and applies each crystal with a tweezer. This could also work as a Gwen Stefani-circa-No Doubt costume.

Let your creative side show and make your face the main attraction than spending lots on a costume for a day.


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