Hairstyles For The Holiday Season

During the holidays, you get the chance to be creative and glam up. For this holiday season, try some of these hot hairstyles. Whether it be a fabulous up-do or long flowing curls, the possibilities for an amazing holiday hairstyle are endless. Here are some of the best hairstyles for holiday parties.

This year in holiday hair curls and waves are always the best way to go. You can wear your hair in a classic curly undo, or down for a romantic waves feel. Dress up any hairstyle with the use of pins, headbands and hair accessories featuring sparkles or crystals. This gives any hairstyle a instant holiday feel. Also adorn your hairstyle with diamonds or earrings featuring crystals, or jewels for some extras holiday sparkle.

Braided Bun

Apply a body-enhancing spray to damp hair and blow it dry. Wrap three inch sections around a curling iron and apply a protective mist to keep your hair from frizzing in the humidity. Collect the hair and tie them up in a ponytail behind the left ear, braid it, and secure with elastic or a rubber band. Make sure you secure it two inches from the ends. To wrap the braided bun style, loop the ponytail around the base and secure it with a few bobby pins.

High ponytail

Many celebrities know how sophisticated and classic this hairstyle can be. Start by spraying hair with a light soft hold hair spray and then pull hair back into a high ponytail with a Mason Pearson brush. It’s a look that can be pulled off in just a few minutes!

Vintage waves

Adding some waves on longer hair is an easy and flirty way to upgrade your look for that holiday party. You’ll need a 1-inch curling iron for this style. Wrap your hair around the curling iron and hold for a few seconds. When you’re done curling all your hair, use a round brush and your blow dryer to brush out the curls. This is what will make them look soft and loose. Finish with some hair spray.

Draped chignon

A chignon can be easily created in just a few simple steps. This elegant style is perfect for special evening out. Part the hair in the centre from the forehead to the middle of the crown. Comb the side hair and scoop the back hair into a low ponytail using a covered band. Loosely braid the ponytail-take the right strand over the centre strand, the left over the right, the right over the centre, and so on, continue to the end. Secure the end with a small band, then tuck the end under the around in a loop and secure with grips. Pick up the hair on the left side and comb it in a curve back to the ponytail loop. Swirl this hair over and under the loop and secure with grips. Repeat the steps on the right side.

Dragged Side Braids

Curly hair can be controlled, yet still allowed to flow free, by braiding at the sides and allowing the hair at the back to fall in a mass of curls. Part your hair in the center and divide off a large section at the side, combing it as a flat as possible to the head. Divide the section into three equal strands and hold them apart. Begin to make a dragged braid by pulling the strands of hair towards your face and then braiding in the normal way, that is, taking the right strand over the center strand, the left strand over the center, and the right over the center again. Continue the braiding to the end with the covered band. tuck the braid behind your ear and grip it in place, then make a second braid on the other side.

A few things to consider when choosing a holiday hair styles are:

  • Anybody who is going to be preparing a holiday meal for a large group will probably be working in the kitchen all day. If there will only be a short period of time between cooking and guests arriving, it’s may be wise to fashion the hair in an undo or another style that will stay out of the way while preparing food.
  • If attending a holiday party or event will require a long drive in the car, remember to consider this when choosing a hair style. A style that travels well will look better after a car ride.
  • In climates where the weather might be damp, raining, or snowing on the day of a holiday event, make sure choose a style that will not be ruined if it gets the slightest bit wet.


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