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Frankie Essex WEIGHTLOSS

Frankie Essex recently wrote on her blog ” I’ve been having a few problems with my boobs over the last year. The basic problem is this: they are just too damn heavy! I am currently 32G following a £5,000 breast implant operation two years ago. I was thrilled with how the operation worked out but I have made some mistakes in how to look after them and I don’t think my yo-yoing weight has helped either.

Basically, I should have worn a sports bra when I started regularly exercising in the last 18 months. This put too much of a strain on my bust and stretched my skin and made my boobs sag a little. What I need now is to get them completely re-configured” .

She further added ” I would like them to be re-sized as 32D, my old implants replaced with new ones and some of the excess fat tissue taken out of my bust. The result should be boobs that are a bit smaller but more importantly a bit perkier. Now that I am committed to a new lifestyle involving regular exercise and no more yo-yo dieting I should benefit from having a smaller bust”.

Frankie EssexFrankie Essex wrote” Don’t get me wrong: I am thrilled to be so much lighter. But being lighter and fitter does impact on other parts of your body. I have got down to 10st by becoming a completely new Frankie. I never thought I would have the discipline to exercise regularly and really concentrate on eating healthily, but I have. Forza Supplements have been a big help in this regard.

I started off staking their best-selling Raspberry K2’s in the autumn and I loved them: they gave me added zip and stopped me from reaching for the cookie jar in weak moments. They also helped my body to burn fat more quickly. I lost around 2 stone. I put on some weight at Christmas and it was time to knuckle down again.

In my New Year body, I lost an amazing 21lbs with two new Forza new products. The first is Raspberry K2s with Collagen. They are very similar to the products which helped me to lose the weight in the autumn – only these make my skin look great too as well as keeping my weight in check. I am also trying a second product Garcinia Cambogia with Sea Kelp. These are great, too.

Sea Kelps are seaweeds that grow in particularly shallow and nutrient-rich waters around the world. They’ve been eaten and used medicinally for hundreds of years in various forms, and are processed today, with some by-products commonly used in ice cream, salad dressings and even chocolate milk. Forza use Sea Kelp because it is a natural source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C D and E, as well as minerals including zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium. In fact it contain the highest natural concentration of calcium of any food – 10 times more than milk. So it is great for your teeth and bones.

Scientists say Sea Kelp really works. A University of Newcastle study concluded that fibres within Sea Kelp ‘significantly reduce fat digestion and absorption’ – much more so that most consumer slimming products”.

Frankie Essex is reality TV star. She has been on 71 episodes of The Only Way Is Essex (TV Series). she also stared in Big Brother’s Bit on the Side (TV Series) in the episode dated 3 July 2014. Frankie quit The Only Way Is Essex last year after nine series. She is now a successful businesswoman with her own haircare range, check out at: )

Frankie Essex slimmed down to 10st 7lbs after embarking on gruelling new exercise regime. Frankie, who is 5 ft 7in, has lost two stone – slimming down to her ideal weight of 10st 7lb. And she is sure that this time she will keep off the weight for good. She feels so much slimmer and sexier.

Frankie Essex is famous for being television star of “TOWIE”. She was recently in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness. Check her out at:


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