Food Diary: a Successful Weight-loss Tool

According to Time magazine, a multi-centre study in the USA found that, compared to other methods of weight loss, keeping a food diary helped slimmers to lose an average of 8kg in a 6-month period, whereas dieters who didn’t keep diaries only lost 4kg.
Food Diary: a Successful Weight-loss Tool

Writing down everything you consume, in great detail, like, eating seven peanuts, a packet of ketchup can help you achieve striking weight loss results.  Most people think that they know what they eat, but they possess a general idea and tend to have selective memory, especially when it comes to the foods that aren’t so good for us. With a detailed food diary, you can see where those extra calories are coming from. The records can help us to identify eating habits that need to be modified.

Why the Need?

Many scientific studies have indicated that most people don’t realize:

  • What they’re eating
  • How much they’re eating
  • Which foods are contributing the most to conditions such as obesity

Advantage of Using a Food Diary

Food Diary: a Successful Weight-loss Tool

  • Promotes healthier Eating by cut down on mindless munching.
  • Scope for improvement: A food diary will show where your diet is lacking. If you notice that you’re  eating enough vegetables or fruit, you’ll begin adding them to your diet. If you are a busy person, a food diary will show you where you’re missing out on certain types of food.
  • Time factor: A food diary will also reveal when you are you eating. If you spend three or four nights per week eating late dinners, you may realize that you should be eating earlier. A Northwestern University study has found that eating at irregular times — the equivalent of the middle of the night for humans, when the body wants to sleep — influences weight gain.
  • Meal Pattern Identified: Your food diary will also reveal if you’re snacking too much or not eating enough meals everyday. Not eating enough is as bad as over-eating because it slows your metabolism down. So pay close attention to when you’re eating if you want to lose weight.

Thus, by keeping a food diary, you get a better picture of your diet status and stand a better chance to improve your weight loss results right away. Don’t be surprised if you lose weight soon after starting your food diary.

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