Fitness Trends Predicted for 2021

With Corona pandemic shaken up the fitness industry, the motto “higher, faster, further”, has shifted the year 2021 to see more fitness trends towards holistic offers and specialization in particular clientele such as risk groups.


7 Fitness Trends for 2021.

Gyms Will Have to Meet High Hygiene Standards

Many people have stayed in shape during the lockdown period with running, walking, fitness exercises on their own or free digital services. Of these, a proud number of 73 percent intend to maintain this alternative training in the future. Most fitness enthusiasts want to go back to the gym in the future, only if training is risk-free of corona infection.

The basic condition for studio operators in 2021 is to win back the confidence of fitness fans and members of the club.

Shift of Word “gym” to a “health-oriented fitness facility”

The pandemic, which has been unique for everyone in persoal way , has brought the topic of health into focus for many people much more than before. Fitness strengthens the immune system. In fact it also needs the right and safe offers to do so.

What is needed, therefore, is the “change from a gym to a health-oriented fitness facility”. The topics “company fitness” and “company health management” will also continue to gain in importance.

Body and Mind Training

The trend towards yoga, mental training or Pilates already existed before Corona. But it has been intensified by the pandemic. More and more people want to combine physical training with mental relaxation.

This desire is triggered not only by job-related stress, also by the strenuous homeschooling with children or financial and health fears in connection with the pandemic. Therefore there is a need to strengthen the sport psychological level.

Target Group Oriented Training

Differentiated and target group-oriented training is going to be mandatory in 2021.

All-round fitness studios will continue to exist. Nevertheless boutique and micro studios with tailor-made offers will attract more and more customers. In these difficult times, specialisation can also be financially attractive for fitness studios. The more special you are, the more money you can demand from customers, will dominate.

Risk-free Home Training

For corona risk groups and senior citizens, health and fitness are just as important as for the rest of the population. It makes seniors a core target group that can be wooed with special offers and training opportunities. This will range from individual training or workouts in small training groups to special premises and digital offers for risk-free training at home.

Sport and Fitness emerge with a new Concept


Rather than going to the gym to train one has the option to train with workout device assistance at home or jog outside? The Corona period, including the closure of the studios, has accelerated the resolution of this either/or situation. Many equipment trailers have shifted to alternative indoor and outdoor offers.

The fitness trend is to develop holistic offers. In a sense, the gym is the pilot in this process.

Online and Outdoor Training

In the era of closed fitness studios, even more sports and fitness fans have turned to online offers. With the so-called peloton bike – a spinning bike with which you can connect with spinning fans all over the world via the Internet – you can, for example, do your cardio training in virtual competition with many like-minded people around the globe.

The topic of outdoor fitness is gaining importance precisely because of Corona: Training in particular is much less dangerous outdoors than indoors because of the draught. This can contribute to the fact that more and more equipment and activities are being moved from gyms to the outside.

Fitness is a whole new way is going to come knocking in 2021.


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