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Facial Yoga: To Fight Wrinkles Naturally

Face yoga comprises of a series of toning and strengthening exercises for the muscles of your face. Exercises include rolling the tongue to make vibrating sounds and exaggerated yawns to release the jaw muscles. It also involves laughing a lot out loud and blowing kisses. Relaxing your face is an important part of yoga because the face is an indicator of tension in the rest of the body.

facial yoga

One of the important yoga exercises for face is one that helps to increase blood circulation, muscle relaxation and relieves anxiety as well as stress. Try to clench or tighten your teeth and open your lips as wide as you can. Stretch your lips, cheeks, chin and neck to their limit. Hold and release.

Face Yoga Poses to Try

Lion Face

Take a slow, steady inhale of breath and constrict every muscle in your body: your toes, your buttocks, your fists — everything. On a slow, steady exhale, relax those muscles, stick out your tongue, widen your eyes and open your hands. Repeat three times. On the last repetition, try to hold the exhale position for 30 to 60 seconds to really stretch your tongue. This is an excellent workout for circulation to the face as well as a great way to release tension in the jaw — which tends to lead to wrinkles.

facial yoga


Stand with your legs in a wide stance with toes pointed slightly inward. Bend forward until the crown of your head touches the mat. Gently rest your thumbs on your chin and place your fingers near your cheek. Inversions is recommended for a healthy complexion as the blood pressure in your head rises and the body reacts by lowering your blood pressure level, your heart beats slower and your blood vessels dilate, or relax.

Brow Smoother

Sit in any variation of the lotus position you prefer and place your pointer fingers on the outer edges of your eyebrows. Then slowly and gently pull your eyebrows away from each other, and at the same time, close your eyelids.

facial yoga


Twist Times Two

To develop the muscle tone in your face, twist your face when you twist your body. Once you are in twisted position, lift your cheek and press your lips to the same side your body is twisting. At the same time, gently stretch and relax the muscles on the opposite side of your face. Repeat for other side.

Facial yoga does help in maintaining the emotional and physiological balance, and keeps the mind calm as well. Since it is important to be healthy, everyone in the 18-60 age group, should practice it. Other asanas for keeping one’s skin healthy and rejuvenating are Kapalbhatti, Pranayam, Sarvangasan, Shirsasan, Dhanurasan and Salabhasan.


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