Eye Shadow: Go Big in 2015

Eye Shadow: Go Big in 2015

In 2015 you can wear the eyeshadow not only over the eyelid but you can play with it geometrically around the eye. This time both Fall Winter and Spring Summer collections endorse this trend: multiple varieties of hues and forms give to our look a modern touch, with different shades, as seen on the Chanel Spring Summer 15 runway, or a monochrome colour as Céline did for its Fall Winter 15 collection.

In Milan, eyeliner was taken to new extremes smouldering along the top and bottom waterlines at Versace topped by Pat McGarth’s “massive” amounts of mascara, and daubed on in “rough brushstrokes” that mimicked eyelashes by Peter Phillips at Fendi.

  • Apply a lengthening formula, along the upper and lower lashes to create wide, doe eyes, and then brush a thickening coat over the top for even flirtier, more battable lashes. For extra credit, focus an additional swipe near the center of the upper lash line to really draw the eyes upward.
  • 2015, calls for intensification of the eye makeup, creating an impressive and catchy outline all around the eyes and on the lids, and the overall close-to natural finishes for the rest of the face, including the lips and the cheeks.
  • Regardless of if you have naturally thick eyebrows or not, you can create the illusion that your brows are heavier than normal by lightly running an eyebrow pencil through them. This will make them look fuller and denser. Outline your brows ever so slightly to increase their width in order to make them appear thicker than they really are.

Don’t be afraid to try a bold eye look with a smoky eye effect or a cat eye. Feel free to incorporate some glitter or a jewel tone into your eye shadow to bring out your natural eye color.

Complete your makeup with a natural foundation and a nude lipstick: let your eyes speak for you!

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