Erica Young: The Woman Behind The Super-Sexy Lingerie Brand Erica M.

erica young

Today we have with us the fantastic Lingerie Designer Erica Young, whose edgy and attractive designs have impressed everyone, including the one and only Beyoncé! Erica Young is the creative director and founder of Erica M.

Erica M. is a conceptual lingerie brand anchored on luxury, discrete erotic artistic sensibilities and style. Launched in Autumn/Winter 2012 Erica M. lingerie consists of a limited assortment of second skin garments featuring opulent, knitted in patterns and ‘trompe l’oeil’ details. Presented as a sexier more flattering version of the traditional pantyhose, stockings and forward thinking lingerie. Made in Italy from high quality materials, in luxury lingerie facilities, each style dichotomized with a first glance of stylish elegance and secondly as hidden surprises beneath the wearer’s clothing.

The idea of making hosiery struck Erica Young, then a footwear designer, after a favorite pair of tights snagged on a bad first date. More bummed about the tights than the date, she began designing legwear and bodysuits with intricate details inspired by vintage motifs. These Erica M. lace-up thigh-highs, constructed with high-tech weaving techniques, are more accessible and easier to wear than the lace-up boots they mimic. Bodysuits, like this one with corset lines, have a fan in Beyoncé, who wore hers recently with cropped black trousers and a blazer.

erica young

Check out as Erica Young shares with us her fitness tips and gives us a sneak peak of her latest collection, in a candid interview with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

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