Entrepreneur Amy Secret Shares With Us Her Tips To Become A Successful Business Owner

Amy Secret
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Amy Secret is a successful entrepreneur who created a multi-million pound business called “Secret Veneers”, which she started with just £200 shortly after her husband cheated on her and she suffered a cancer scare.

Her Secret Veneers company allows people with bad teeth to have the perfect smile on a budget. It also helps raise money for disadvantaged children Worldwide.

Amy is also a trained life coach and believes in positive thinking. She is mother to 8 children and really is a Wonderwoman, looking after all the kids and running a big business.

Check out her interview with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You’re the CEO of the multi-million dollar business “Secret Veneers”, can you tell us more about the product and do you have any celebrity customers?

Ms. Amy Secret:

Secret Veneers are loved by celebrities and clients Worldwide because they’re so easy to use, they simply slide on over your teeth hiding all imperfections underneath, boosting your self esteem in seconds. We provide you with the ultimate perfect smile makeover, instant results, no dentist visit needed, a pain-free and cost effective online service. I believe the product is so successful because smiling is a necessity not a luxury, and at £399 for a full set of veneers (also with the option to pay in monthly installments) we are an affordable alternative to cosmetic dentistry/real veneers. There are no visits to the dentist with our product, which is ideal for those who have a fear of dentists! Everything is handled by mail order allowing you to take your own dental impressions privately at home, you then post your impressions to our lab and 14 working days later we send you the perfect set of veneers to slide on at home.

For confidentiality reasons I cannot reveal exact names but our celebrity clients include cast members of British TV shows such as MTV’s Geordie Shore, Ex on the Beach, Big Brother, X FACTOR, E4’s Celebs Go Dating, Made in Chelsea, Ibiza Weekender to name a few.. Secret Veneers is popular with celebrities because it offers a quick fix, for example, if you are due on TV in 3 weeks time and have crooked, stained teeth – we can get your teeth looking like perfect porcelain veneers within 14 working days. We live in a fast world and people want things now – they don’t have time for braces or appointments.

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