Dryer Sheets: To Manage Static Hair

Low humidity and chilly winters cause the hair to dry out, creating the perfect environment for hair static.  Besides, every time you pass a hairbrush through your hair, the strands rub together in a tango that breeds static.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are sheets containing positively charged ingredients that are released by heat and movement, such as the tumbling motion of the dryer. These ingredients bond loosely to any negatively charged surface,  neutralizing the charge and acting as a lubricant. Dryer sheets can really help with hair static. One can rub them on hair brushes and combs and even run them along the hair to eliminate those pesky flyaways. One can also keep the combs and brushes wrapped in dryer sheets in the wintertime to keep them static-free.

To combat Medusa-like strands, simply run a dryer sheet over your tresses.

Tips to Solve Problem of Hair Static

  1. Increase the humidity levels in your home to discourage static cling. Low humidity causes the hair to dry out, creating the perfect environment for static. Purchase a humidifier and fill it with regular tap water. Running the humidifier will boost the moisture levels in the air to help eliminate static cling.
  2. Rub a dryer sheet on your hairbrush and then brush your hair. Dryer sheets are formulated to discourage static electricity production in the dryer. You can also rub the dryer sheet directly on your hair to encourage the hair to lie flat against your head.
  3. Use combs made of rubber or metal. Apparently, plastic combs are the worst contributors to static.
  4.  Dryer sheets: to Manage Static Hair Spray a generous amount of hairspray on your hairbrush and brush your hair thoroughly while the brush is still damp. Hairspray also works well to control static cling when sprayed onto a tissue and rubbed across the hair.
  5. Squirt a small amount of hair gel into your hands and rub them together. Lightly rub your hands through your hair to discourage flyaways.
  6. Wet your hands with clean water and pat down your hair to smooth static-filled strands.
  7. Wet your hairbrush with cool water and shake off the excess. Lightly brush your hair. The dampness of the hairbrush will help control flyaway strands and limit static cling.
  8. Use hand lotion if you’re in a pinch and away from a sink, your hairbrush or hairspray. Rub lotion completely into your hand and smooth your hands over you hair. Use a small amount to prevent hair from looking oily.
  9. Check your shampoo to make sure you’re using the correct hair care products for your hair type. Some shampoos are so effective at cleaning that they remove most of the oils in the hair. Use a good conditioner after shampooing to replace moisture in the hair and help control static cling.
  10. Moisturize your hair twice a week with hair oil to prevent flyaways.

During winters, switch to a more hydrating shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, then use a tourmaline or ionic hair dryer — they don’t suck out moisture like regular dryers do.


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