Dr. Brandy Segura: Exceptional Achiever, Fitness Competitor & Model Reveals Her Amazing Story

 Brandy Segura: Doctor who is an Exceptional Achiever, Fitness Competitor and Model Reveals her Amazing Story

Brandy Segura was born in Charleston, South Carolina and is the youngest of three children. She is very much her father’s daughter (an Engineer) in terms of her personality and am a type A, introvert with a strong inner drive for success. She loved sports, especially soccer, which she played from the age of eight through her first year in college. At the age of 14, she was diagnosed with a heart murmur and symptomatic PVCs that often affected her during physical activity. This experience, along with the diagnosis of cancer in a family member initiated her interest in pursuing medicine as a career. From that moment, she had dreamed and planned on being a Surgeon and pursued this goal relentlessly. She attended both college and Medical School at UCLA earning her BS in Neuroscience and her Medical Degree. She entered her Surgical training program at UC Davis and began what she thought was her one true passion and life long career.

As a surgery intern she excelled but found working condition non conducive to her inherent nature, she decided that surgery was not worth compromising the kind of person that she knew she was and that she wanted to be. At that point she quit her Surgical program and entered Radiology training, her second medical field interest. She continued her training until the birth of her second child at which time she decided to become a stay-at-home mom in order to care for her children. Again, she thought that she was beginning what would be the rest of my life, the role as a homemaker.

She first became interested in competing in 2012 when she was tired of carrying her post baby weight and unhappy with her body. Though she considered herself fit growing up, once she entered Medical School, her health and fitness were her last priority. She gained weight, became deconditioned, and packed on pregnancy pounds. After the birth of her second child in 2009, she weighed 170+ pounds, had quit practicing medicine, and was unhappy.

One day, she picked up a Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine, saw the pictures of the bikini competitors and a story about a mother who had undergone a physical transformation and began to compete. She had no idea that the fitness industry and competitions even existed. As a driven, goal-oriented person, she saw this as a challenge for myself, and one that she was determined to do herself within a year. She decided right then and there that she was done being overweight and set a goal of competing in a bikini competition within one year.

On her birthday, May 7, 2012 she created a Facebook page and announced her goal to friends and family so that she could both inspire them to take the journey with her and to keep herself accountable. She began reading as much as she could about eating healthy and the proper diet and training to lose weight and build muscle. In the beginning she wasn’t educated on nutrition labels and her only educator on “healthy” food was that from media and advertising. It wasn’t until she began researching and educating herself on nutrition and the impacts of foods on our bodies that she realized that so many “healthy” or “diet” foods were not truly “healthy” at all. There were so many fillers, sugars, and processed ingredients in these products. Although she was a Medical Doctor, nutrition was not a subject that she was extensively trained on.

Once she educated herself on proper nutrition and began eating a healthier diet, the changes in her body became apparent very quickly. Combined with strength training, her body completely transformed. As changes in her physique occurred, her desire to succeed and push even harder was fueled. She was able to obtain a stage-ready physique only six months later and competed in her first NPC competition, October 13, 2012 where she placed second!

She was hooked with the rush of competing on stage and the strength and power she felt being in competition shape. She also formed lifelong friendships with other competitors and teammates who understood her new lifestyle and the stresses that competitors often face. She is proud to say that fitness and competing has not only became her lifestyle but also her passion!

She is now a National level competitor and she is competing to earn her Pro card. She is now over 35 and will be able to compete in both the open and Masters divisions, giving her hopefully a greater edge on getting that card! While she is determined to go the farthest she can in this sport, it has become so much more to her than just winning and getting trophies.

She has learned a new way of living that has been carried over to her family. Her husband and she now actually enjoy clean eating and being on a meal plan! They train together every morning and are teaching their kids the importance of being a healthy and fit person. Her life has completely changed and she couldn’t be happier.

She is currently an Oddo’s Angel trained athlete, National level Bikini Competitor, and regional NPC Judge. She blog for BeautyFit.com and is a contributing writer for Bodybuilding.com , and has been featured on Muscle&FitnessHers.com, Question Nutrition Blog, and on RxMuscle.com. Her transformation has also been awarded Female Transformation of the Year 2013, on bodybuilding.com.

Now that she has transformed her life, it is her goal to help everyone that she can and to be a source of inspiration, as well as information. She knows first-hand how difficult it can be to start living a healthy and fit lifestyle without the right information. In order to provide the best strength training services, She is now a NASM certified Personal Trainer. Having gone through medical training and learning about the human body, clinical training, and medical research, she is able to sift through training protocols and supplement product information and know which ones will help build the physique that clients are aiming for.

She wants to reach more people and can inspire and motivate them. She want to spread her journey and transformation with the world and to show people what is possible. She truly believe that it is never too late to change and to be what you want to be. She has come to realize that no success or failure defines her, no man or woman can make or break her, and her age does not limit her. She is who and what she choose to be. If she can do this, so can you.

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