Double Olympic Gold Medalist Kelly Holmes Talks Olympics, Medals & Injuries!

kelly holmes
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Kelly Holmes (Dame Kelly Holmes) is one of the fastest athletes that world has ever encountered. Born on the year 1970, April 19 in Hidenborough, Kent, England, she represents herself as British Middle Distance Athlete. Accounting her success, she is the winner of 800 meter and 1500 meter distance run in 2004 Summer Olympics held in Athens. Being one of the major records, she has number of records to her name and in numerous events such as 600, 800, 1000, 1500 meter distance.

At 34, she was the oldest woman to win either the 800m or the 1500m, let alone both of them. Kelly Holmes continues to represent Great Britain’s sporting legacy abroad and campaigns for children’s sport.

Accounting her professional success, she has been awarded with number of gold and silver followed by Bronze medal in number of distance leagues. She has gained gold medals in Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games in 2004 Athens in 800 m and 1500 m.

Holmes’ career was plagued by injuries. Barely recovered from a stress fracture, she placed only fourth in the 800m at the 1996 Atlanta Games. In 2000, a ruptured calf left her only six weeks to train for the Sydney Games. Still, she managed to win a bronze medal in the 800m and placed seventh in the 1500m.

kelly Holmes
Photo Credits: Garmin

Let us take you through Kelly Holmes’ incredible career and tell you how she manages to still stay fit in an exclusive interview with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar: You are a middle-distance runner who recovered from injury to claim Double Olympic Gold at the age of 34. Tell us more about your spectacular journey and how it all began?  

Ms. Kelly Holmes: I had two dreams since I was 14 and one was to become an Olympic Champion. I was a successful junior international athlete and gave up to join the Army. I had a 12 year career, very successful with 13 international medals, starting with my first Gold at the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada.

I always believed I could be an Olympic Champion. I was tested beyond belief but never gave up the hope and it finally paid off.

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